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My Top 5 Favourite Pixar Movies!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I’ve decided that I haven’t been posting a lot of personal blog posts as of late; concentrating more on fashion and tag posts. I love sharing aspects of my life with you guys, especially both the Disney and Alternative sides to my life.

So today, on Tag Tuesday, I bring you something a little bit different. Not exactly a tag, but I think these types of posts will break up the tags nicely. And hey, if you want to do your top 5’s, then consider yourself tagged!

For my first top 5 post, I am going to tackle the big challenge that is my Top 5 favourite Pixar films!


5. Finding Nemo

Okay, this one was the hardest to decide. I have my top four (well, four-ish) absolute favourite Pixar films, but because I enjoy most of their movies, fifth place was hard to choose. Eventually, after much discussion with myself, I finally decided on Finding Nemo. I’ve loved this film since it first came out. Of course, Dory is my favourite and I am super excited for Finding Dory this year!


4. A Bugs Life

Fourth and third place are very close when it comes to my favourite Pixar films, so really, these could be joint third instead of third and fourth. That was a babble but I hope you understand what I meant. I’ve loved A Bugs Life since I got it on vhs when I was younger. The colours are so bright and wonderful. the storyline is fab and overall I think it’s a very underrated Pixar movie!


3. Brave

I adore Brave so much. I love the fact that it is set in Scotland. I love the bear aspect (even if it has been done before with Brother Bear – another of my favourite movies). I love the soundtrack. I am excited to meet Merida in Disneyland Paris because I just relate to this movie so much with having Scottish ancestry. And, look how cute little Merida is!


2. Monsters Inc/Monsters University

Okay, first slight cheat of this top five. Between the two films of this franchise, I adore them both equally. I went to see Monsters Inc several times at the cinema when it came out and Monsters University I have watched so so so many times since getting it on DVD and getting Netflix. Both of these films make me incredibly happy whenever I watch them, so they share second place.


1. Toy Story Trilogy

Okay, again, this one is cheating ever so slightly because it is three films, however, I adore all of the Toy Story films equally and couldn’t possibly choose between the three of them!


I know I cheated on the top two entries but it was just so hard to choose. Pixar make such wonderful movies and they will always hold a place in my heart.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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