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Disneyland Paris Trip Report: Day One!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I am back from Disneyland Paris and enjoyed every single moment! I apologise that my posts during this time were few and far between; life got in the way and meant that I could not schedule as many posts for you. However, I am back and ready to share my trip with you fully. I shall be writing trip reports and reviews, as well as giving you an inside look as to how I found eating in Disneyland Paris now I am not eating meat.

Firstly however, I bring you Day One of my Disneyland Paris, Swing into Spring trip report! These reports will be relatively long as I want to share everything with you guys!


Day one officially began at 11:30pm on the 10th of April; it was at this time that my Mam and myself took a taxi to the coach station. Our coach wasn’t until 00:20, but we wanted to have enough time and not be rushing. There was no way we were willing to miss our coach to London. At roughly quarter past midnight, our coach tickets were checked and we were on board our coach.

We arrived at London Victoria coach station at half past six. From there, we got the Victoria Underground line to Kings Cross St Pancras. Now comes the interesting part. I hadn’t previously printed off my Eurostar tickets and needed to find a machine to do it. I was in that much of a rush and panic I was trying to print off my Eurostar tickets on a regular train ticket machine. I asked for help and was directed to the departure lounge where I was able to print off my ticket to Paris Gare du Nord. We stood in the check-in queue for the 7:55 train, luckily we managed to join the queue five minutes before the gates were due to be closed off.

I have not travelled abroad in the last ten years and as we all know, a lot of awful stuff has happened in the world since then, so I was unsure of how tight security would be or how long this check in would take. We scanned our tickets and were then made to put all luggage, bags and coats on a tray which were put through a scanner. We then had to walk through a scanner and were then checked with a wand as well. My Mams bracelet set the scanner off so a female member of staff checked to see if she had anything on her person with a quick over the clothes check. Our bags then came out the other side of the scanner and we collected them. We then had our passports checked twice before we were allowed to board the Eurostar. 7:55 UK time our Eurostar left St Pancras and 11:25 French time, we arrived in Paris Gare du Nord.

Once in Paris, I asked at the information desk for tickets that would get us to Marne-La -Vallee. We were approached by two separate sets of beggars before we could finally make our way to RER D to get the RER to Gare de Lyon. This part of the journey only took about ten minutes. From Gare de Lyon we got the RER A to Marne-La-Vallee. This journey took about forty minutes. There were a lot of lovely views of French houses and we were also treated to a busker playing the accordion. Sadly at this point we had no spare change to give to him as a thank you for cheering us up. We were rather stressed out and tired with these travelling arrangements so it gave us a little boost before our arrival.

By the time we had gained our bearings, gone to the loo, go the tickets and then travelled from Gare du Nord to Marne-la-Vallee it was roughly 1:30pm. From the train station we went straight to catch our bus from the Disney parks to the Hotel Cheyenne where we were staying. Upon our arrival in the hotel lobby, we were checked with a wand by security once more. From here, we swapped items from our carrying luggage to our suitcases so we weren’t lugging them about the parks, and checked in. Once at the desk, we were told that we could not collect the keys to our room till after 5pm as, due to French laws and regulations, they were holding a scheduled two hour power cut between 3pm and 5pm. So, we put our bags in concierge and got the shuttle bus back to the Disney parks.

On getting to the parks and getting off the shuttle bus, we were met with the site of five members of the French army, stood there with guns, watching us get off the bus. Nothing came of it so I think it was just a routine check. We took a slow walk past the Disney Village, taking in the sights before getting to the Disney parks check point. We put our bags through a scanner and walked through one ourselves. From here, we could take our first look at the beautiful Disneyland Hotel and take our first few steps into the park.


Since our last trip, the tickets now have a barcode on the back that you scan instead of putting them through a ticket machine. Upon entering the park, we were just in time to see Minnie’s Little Spring Train, which of course I knew all the words to and hopped along with the dancers.

After following Minnies Spring Train down Main Street and around Central Plaza, we decided to have a nice slow walk around the park to take in all the sights and to once again get our bearings ready for the week ahead. Whilst in Fantasyland, we decided to do a couple of rides. As we were so tired we didn’t want to do any rollercoasters so Fantasyland was the best way to go. We stood in a queue for 45 minutes to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant. , which was then followed by a five minute wait for the Teacups and It’s A Small World. We then stopped at the Market House Delicatessen for a sandwich and a drink before doing a bit of shopping; which is where we got our Spring Time Minnie ears. You can see these in my upcoming haul posts as well as my photographs with characters.

After this, we went into the Disney  Village, did a bit of shopping in World of Disney and decided we should get some food. I picked Annettes Diner as we have never eaten in there on any previous Disney trip. I will be writing reviews of each place we ate in over the holiday so please watch out for those.


By the time we had finished our meal it was roughly 9:30 and we were starting to feel really tired so decided to head back to the hotel and get an early night ready for Extra Magic Hours in the morning.

We sat in the lobby for about ten minutes whilst I used the wifi and charged my phone for a bit before collecting our bags and room keys from the concierge and making our way to the Jesse James block where our room was.

Once we had unpacked, we finally got into bed at around 11pm.

My first day back in the magic was fantastic. Stepping off the shuttle bus and walking into the parks, it felt like I had never left, even though it had been a super long time since I had last visited. I love Disneyland Paris and it will always feel like home to me!

Stay tuned for Day Two of my trip report!

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