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Disneyland Paris Trip Report: Day Two!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today I bring you the trip report for my second day at Disneyland Paris for the Swing into Spring season. If you haven’t read the first part of my trip report, then you can find it here.

Part two is going to be another long post, so perhaps a cup of tea in your favourite Disney mug might be appropriate for this one.


So the morning of day two came around with my alarm going off at 6:30; Disney is the only place where I feel like an alarm this early is acceptable. I had a shower, got ready and was down at the Chuck Wagon for breakfast by about 7:30. Again, there will be a review of the Chuck Wagon coming your way very shortly. We got to the Disney Parks for about 8:30 after getting the shuttle bus and then going through the usual security checks which became very much the norm after five days.

During Extra Magic Hours, we met Goofy as he had the shortest queue. Poor Goofster not really getting the love that day; we think you’re awesome Goofy! He noticed my Mam’s shirt which had the Disney villains on the front and he seemed scared at the fact she thought she was one.


From there, we went to Discoveryland to go on Space Mountain. On Day One, we had purchased our photopass and really wanted to use it. Little did we know that the kiosks for the photographs aren’t open during EMH so you have to use the app on your phone. I wasn’t quick enough to get the app up to scan the code so missed that photo, meaning we would have to go on Space Mountain again. Oh dear, such a darned shame!

From EMH, we headed to the Walt Disney Studios for 10am. Our first stop was the Hollywood Tower of Terror. We waited in the queue for roughly 40 minutes for this ride which isn’t too bad considering how busy the park was this day. Again, there will be a full blog post on my experiences with this ride but for now I shall tell you this: Queue; good. Surroundings; good. Theming; good. Cast Members; good. Ride itself; terrifying! After taking a few photographs, we headed to get some food as it had been a few hours since breakfast. We stopped by Restaurant en Coulisse which I have eaten in on previous trips.

From here we made our way to the Ratatouille themed area of the park. However, the queue for the ride was 80 minutes long so we decided we would come back to this area first thing in the morning and either join the queue or get a fastpass. We decided to head into Toy Story playland instead. I adore Toy Story, it’s my favourite Pixar film; well, all three are joined first really so this area was super adorable and amazing for me. I had my photograph taken with Rex which really made me happy.

We then went on to do the rides in this area of the park. We did RC Racer, Slinky Dogs Zig-Zag Spin and Parachute Drop. RC Racer was the longest queue time if I remember correctly but I think it was one of my favourite rides.

We had to leave Walt Disney Studios at about five in order to take a slow walk across to the Disney Village ready for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. So from Toy Story Playland, we headed back to Studio One, taking photographs and meeting Mike Wazowski and the CDA on the way:

We then did some shopping in Studio 1 before heading to the Disney Village and grabbing a Starbucks. This was mainly so I could quickly use the wifi before heading into the show.

At 5:30, we went into Buffalo Bill’s and stood in the queue waiting to get our tickets. We were in Category 1 and were assigned to Blue Moon Ranch of Wyoming. I was given my Vegetarian meal ticket and off we went. This was after I had a small chat with the Cast Member about Dedicated to DLP whose Cheshire Cat badge I was wearing. Before the show, we went into the bar, grabbed ourselves a drink and watched the Pre-Show. This included a Country band playing us songs as Goofy danced in the front, shaking hands with everyone stood by the stage. I will have a full write up of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show in another post for you guys.


After the show, we headed back to the Disneyland Park, did a little bit of shopping, went on It’s A Small World again before heading back to the castle to pick our spot for Dreams. In another post I will share exactly what I thought of Dreams but for now, I shall tell you that I cried and sang along as loud as I could. It was more amazing in person than in videos on YouTube.

From there, we walked back to the Shuttle bus stop, got back to our hotel, where I used the wifi in the lobby for five minutes before heading to bed just after 11pm.

Day two had been amazing and fantastic. I’d laughed and cried, been amazed and terrified. At this point I couldn’t wait for day three, but I also wanted to relive day two over and over.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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One thought on “Disneyland Paris Trip Report: Day Two!

  1. Awww, this is such a cute post! Ones like these always make me want to book a trip to DLP straight away as I’ve never been. I’m glad you had such a good day too. Love the shots with Rex from Toy Story. – Tasha


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