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Gothabilly: When Retro Meets Goth Fashion!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Another fashion Friday is upon us and today, I bring you the wonder that is Gothabilly! I adore fifties fashion and even had a Rockabilly themed 21st birthday party. Mush that together with my love for black clothing and we have Gothabilly! This term is first thought to have been used by The Cramps in the 1970s to describe their music type. If you love the retro aspects of the fifties as well as gothic fashions then this may be the style for you!

Punkabilly Clothing

I found this website through a quick Google search. It sells all kinds of clothes for both males and females. It doesn’t sell shoes however. You can find their website here.

Top Row L-R: Leopard Rockabilly Dress, Black & Blue Swing Dress, Pin-Up Rockabilly Dress, Butterfly & Skulls Dress,

Bottom Row L-R: Graveyard Girl T-Shirt, Heart Shape Swing Dress

Rebel Circus

Rebel Circus is a website I had previously heard of, but thought it simply shared articles. However, they also have a store that sells clothes. You can find their website here.

Top Row Clockwise L-R: Corset Cuff, Cherry Skulls Cardigan, Veggie Suede Creeper

Borrom Row L-R: Classic Monsters Swing Dress, Polka Dot Swing Dress, Black Dotted Farmosa Dress


Ebay is one of the best places to look for alternative fashion at a cheap price. Occasionally the stores themselves will actually be on ebay selling items from their stores at discount prices due to small issues with said garment. For example; a mark from being on a shop manikin or a small rip at a seam. You can find my search on the UK eBay, here.

Top Row L-R: Batty Dress, Polka Dot Angelic Dress, Spooksville Bats Dress, Shabby Distressed Cardigan

Bottom Row L-R: Dead Zombie Choker, Skeleton Cameo Earrings


Amazon is another great place to look for alternative items for your wardrobe!

Top Row L-R: Glinda Gothic Retro Top, 50s Black Circle Dress, Gothabilly Flocked Dress, Frankenstein & Bride Pencil Dress

Bottom Row L-R: Frankenstein & Bride Cardigan, Cherry Pencil Dress

I love Gothabilly fashion and can’t wait till I can add some pieces to my wardrobe!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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