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Disney Q&A: A Collaboration with TeaIsAWish!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Not too long ago, I agreed to a collaboration with Kim from Tea Is A Wish. After much discussion, we agreed to each do a Q&A where the other would write Disney related questions for us to answer.

You can find my answers to Kims questions to the questions on her blog, here.

Below are the questions I wrote and sent to Kim for her to answer.


Most underrated Princess – Merida

Favourite of the fab 5 – Donald duck

Favourite Pixar Character – Can’t pick one it would have to be carl and ellie

 Favourite Disney couple – Belle and Beast/Adam

Most underrated character – Marie from Aristocats

Most overrated character – Snow white I’ve never really liked her

 Saddest character death – Ellie’s death in UP

 Funniest character – Russell

  Least funny character – Woody

Favourite Pixar film – UP

Favourite Live Action Movie – Cinderella 2015

  Favourite Princess Movie – Beauty And The Beast

 Is there a movie you love but everyone else hates? – I don’t think there is!!

Favourite sequel – The little mermaid 2

Favourite villain song – Gaston’s Song from BATB

   Favourite Disney Era – Renaissance

   Favourite Disney song – Tale As Old As Time

  Favourite type of Disney collectible – TRADITIONS

Best overall Disney soundtrack – Beauty And The Beast

  If you could build a Disney park anywhere in the world, where would it be? – England!

  Favourite Disney Park – I’VE NOT BEEN TO ANY YET!

 Favourite land in Disneyland Paris – Never Been but it would have to be Fantasyland

  Favourite Ride –  Will probabaly end up being Big Thunder mountain

  Favourite restaurant in Disneyland Paris – Couldn’t say becuase I’ve never been

Favourite Disney themed blogs – oooooo this is such a hard one there are too many to list

 Favourite Disney themed Etsy shop – queenursulauk and whereseamscometrue

 Would you ever want to work in a Disney park? – Absolutely. I would love to be a photopass photographer

 Have you ever Disneybounded? – Not yet but im planning to while im at wdw next year

  When did your love for Disney begin? – I’ve loved Disney since I was very young i would probably say around 5

  A Disney movie that has the best memories attached to it. – This would have to be the lion king or Beauty and the Beast

If you want to answer these questions for yourself, then feel free. Tag your friends and pass on the Disney Q&A fun!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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