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Disneyland Paris Trip Report: Day Four!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

We’re on to day four, the penultimate day of my Swing into Spring trip. It was this day that it hit me I would be leaving the parks the next day, but I tried to remain as happy as I could as I still had two days left.


We didn’t have to get up as early on the morning of the fourth day as we weren’t having breakfast in the Chuck Wagon. Our alarms went off at 6:20 and we were ready and at the parks for 8am. As soon as we entered Main Street, we walked down to join the queue for Chip and Dale; which wasn’t that long.


After meeting the cheeky ‘Munks, we went across to Discoveryland and went on Buzz’s Laser Blast and Space Mountain. This time I was ready with my phone to collect the photopass photographs.

After these two rides, we headed back to the Disney Village, taking photographs and having a visit to the rainforest Cafe shop on the way to Cafe Mickey for our character breakfast.

First, we met the mouse himself, Mickey. Then, as the first round of characters for going for their break, Goofy spotted me, waved, blew me a kiss and explained that they were doing a quick swap but he would be back. When Goofy did come back, he ran straight over to our table to give me a big hug and to take photographs with us. After that, we met Pluto who is super adorable!

I’ve had to try and lighten the photographs as they came out rather dark. We forgot to put the flash on; typical!

From Cafe Mickey, we made out way back to Main Street USA and specifically Plaza Gardens as we wanted to meet Winnie the Pooh.


After meeting Winnie the Pooh, we walked across to Fantasyland to see who was doing a meet n greet next to Alice’s Labrynth; it was the Queen of Hearts, so we stood in the queue. We queued for about an hour and in that time, Alice had come and gone from the meet n greet. As we got close to the front, the Mad Hatter turned up and I am so glad he did as this became one of the continuous highlights of the next couple of days.


During this particular meet and greet, he admired my badges. The Queen of Hearts enjoyed the fact she was on my Dedicated to DLP badge, however the Mad hatter was sad that he was not. He also questioned what the Dark Side was. When I told him it was in the sky, he told me Wonderland was underground so if the sky was the Dark side, that made Wonderland the light side. I gave the Hatter a big hug and of course, curtsied for her Majesty so I could keep my head.

After meeting the Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, we went to Adventureland and went on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. I wasn’t allowed to keep my glasses on for this ride which is strange because they said nothing for Space Mountain. I still enjoyed the ride however, it’s very jerky and your bash your head and shoulders quite a bit.

Next up was the first time we were going to see Goofy’s Garden party; which turned out to be twice so we could get photographs and video from different angles. During the second show we saw, Alice came up to me and pointed out the Cheshire Cat on my Dedicated to DLP badge.

Our next meet n greet was not expected. My friend Shawnee had tagged me in a post on Twitter saying that Cruella was meeting outside of the closed Phantom Manor. We rushed over there and saw no Cruella. However, after purchasing a few items from one of the carts near by, we spotted Cruella return. She told me she liked my outfit as it was all black and similar to hers.


Meeting two villains during the Spring season was fabulous for me as I love the villains! After meeting Cruella, we went back to Fantasyland and had a ride on Casey Junior. This was followed by a very rainy Magic on Parade. We wanted to see Welcome to Spring after the parade but the rain cancelled that showing. Disappointed, we went back to Fantasyland. We did It’s A Small World one more time, and Snow White which is another childhood fear ride of mine.

After this, we went and got our place for Dreams. We decided to find a bench on Central Plaza to sit on (we used empty plastic bags to sit on as the benches were wet). It rained through the entirety of Dreams but it made pretty effects through the spotlights.

After Dreams, we once again headed back to the hotel and to the Red Garter saloon for a drink before heading to bed.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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