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My Reactions to Disneyland vs Disneyland Paris by Thingamavlogs!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Recently on my journey to discover more Disney vloggers on YouTube, I cam across the fantastic channel that is Thingamavlogs. You can find there channel here, just click the link! Thingmavlogs is made up of four friends; Patrick, Tiffany, Leo and Sarah and they’re all massive Disney fans. Go give their channel a watch!

It was whilst scrolling through their YouTube channel that I came across a video entitled: Disneyland vs Disneyland Paris. Naturally, being a massive Disneyland Paris fan, I thought I’d give it a watch. It’s a very interesting video that could spark up a great deal of conversation between Disneyland Paris fans. I thought I would write a blog post giving my reactions to this video, done by Leo of the Thingamavlogs crew. Now please note, I have never been to Disneyland Resort in California, so these reactions are based solely on what Leo says about Disneyland Paris. Just a little disclaimer for you guys!

Below is the video in question:

Disney Paris

My first pet peeve of this video. It is Disneyland Paris Leo, not Disney Paris. A small niggle, but an annoying one non the less.

Width of the Pathways

Now, as I’ve said, I’ve never been to Disneyland so I can’t comment on the size of their pathways, I do however agree that our Disney park is quite well spread out. When walking down Main Street USA, you’re not too crowded or constantly bumping into people. You can have your own space to breathe. Same with any of the other four lands in Parc Disneyland.


Leo explains in this video that he doesn’t understand why we didn’t simply call it Tomorrowland instead of Discoveryland. Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris is themed around Jules Verne and what his vision of the future would be like. Originally, Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris was titled Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune (From the Earth to the Moon); referencing the Jules Verne novel. This was however refurbished in 2005 and turned into Space Mountain: Mission 2, which is perhaps where non Disneyland Paris fans lose the Jules Verne-esque theming of Discoveryland. Minus Nautilus of course.

I also like the fact that Leo loves our version of Space Mountain. I love our version of Space Mountain, although of course, I’m unable to compare it to Disneyland’s because I have never been.

Belle’s Castle

Okay, for anyone who doesn’t know, the castle at Disneyland Paris is Aurora’s, or Sleeping Beauty’s. For those who don’t know Disneyland Paris that well and don’t know a lot of French, I can see where this mistake can have cropped up. In French, the name of the castle is Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant. Many people will see the word Belle and assume the castle belongs to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. However, Belle in French means Beauty. Dormant means sleeping. Put them together and what have you got? Sleeping Beauty. It’s a continuous mistake in the video but there’s a lot of comments in the comment section correcting him, so I’ll leave off on the chastisement for now.


I love our Fantasyland, but I do agree that Disneyland has the original Fantasyland, even if it is not the actual original that Walt had built. I wouldn’t necessarily say one is better then the other but that is simply because I haven’t visited the Fantasyland in California. Also, I’m Paris bias right now, sorry guys.

I also love our Dragon under the castle. So I agree with him there.


Our Pirates queue is very very well themed. I love Pirates of he Caribbean and I have heard that the rides are pretty much similar in most parks (minus Shanghai, but that’s a different blog post altogether).

I sort of agree with Leo’s views of Indiana Jones. It’s a very short ride, it’s very bumpy and jolty and you don’t really have time to be immersed in it; except in the queue. That has some nice theming to it.

Phantom Manor

Now this is where I become extremely defensive. Phantom Manor is one of my all time favourite Disneyland Paris rides, in my favourite Land. I have never been on the Haunted Mansion in California so cannot comment on what that is like, but I adore our Phantom Manor. It has an entire story linked in with Big Thunder Mountain and Thunder Mesa. It has a completely different look to the other Mansion’s around the world. I don’t think the animatronics are underwhelming at all (although please note it has been 9 years since I was on that ride as it was closed during my last visit).


Yep, this ride is amazing. It is so worth the time you queue for in my personal opinion (I only queued for an hour and a half though so not too bad).

Handing someone your camera

I understand the possible language barrier but I had no problems asking people to take photographs of my and my Mam. Loads of people asked me to take their photo outside of the Castle.

Stereotypically American

I kind of see this. Sort of. Maybe? During parades or on Main Street?


Okay, this one I completely 100% agree with. There is no such thing as a fair queue in Disneyland Paris. People will send one family member into the queue, then once they get near the front, all twenty million other family members push through the queue to join them. This is a massive pet peeve of mine, especially when you’ve been queueing for an hour. Same with rides. If you are too slow or aren’t paying attention, people will push and squeeze past you. Same when it comes to roaming meet n greets. Luckily, majority of characters will know who was there first and will stop people from pushing in front. If they’re fur, their character attendant will usually aid in this too. But yeah, queuing sometimes feels like an alien concept in Paris.

I asked my friends on Twitter their views on this video and I got a few mixed responses. Some agreed with Leo and some disagreed. Some pointed out differences that he had missed.

Another Disclaimer: I love Thingamavlogs and all the video content they put out for us. This is just a fun little blog where I can express my opinions about Disneyland Paris in contrast to Leo’s. No hate or negativity towards any of these guys.

What do you think of this video? Are you more knowledgeable about Disneyland or Disneyland Paris? Or both?

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