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My Review Of Eurovision 2016 In Stockholm!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Saturday 14th of May was Eurovision 2016. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch it live, however, as I love Eurovision, I thought I would watch it anyway; even though I know who won! I also thought I would take this chance to give my opinions on the songs, the voting and the ceremony in general! This blog post will be written as I watch the contest, so my reactions will be from what I see and hear, there and then.

I am going to put a disclaimer here. As my opinions seem to cause rifts at points, please remember that these are my own opinions. I am entitled to them. They may differ to yours and that is fine. Please accept my opinions as they are, mine.

Thank you!

P.S: This is a long one!



I liked the inclusion of songs by Swedish artists and how they accompanied flag being projected onto white dresses. Better than just coming out holding a flag on a pole any way.


The theme this year was ‘Come Together’ and I feel like this was an apt theme. Europe is going through some difficult times at the moment and coming together in song is a lovely way to try and forget all of the issues in the world.

New Voting System

Okay, so apparently this is the first change in the voting system in about thirty plus years. So this could be interesting. So countries announce their jury’s votes to the presenters and they are put into a table. The countries votes are then gathered, counted and added to the table once every country has given their jury votes. I can see this being very very dramatic.


It’s always difficult to be the first act up on stage. Laura Tesoro and her song ‘What’s the Pressure’ were the ones to pull the short straw. This song felt super familiar, like the backing track was from another song I know? I just couldn’t place it though. I wasn’t too keen on this one and I’m not sure if it was just me but at parts she seemed pitchy and out of tune. I’ll give her credit though, she’s only 19 and was the first on stage, so you go girl!

Czech Republic

First time the Czech Republic have qualified for the final and it’s with Gabriela Gunčíková and ‘I Stand’. A powerful ballad, and I quite liked it. A few out of tun moments but overall, a decent song. I do love the odd powerful ballad at Eurovision, especially hauntingly beautiful ones!

The Netherlands

‘Slow Down’ by Douwe Bob is not what I expected from The Netherlands. I have a soft spot for country music (not even sorry), so I do quite like this entry. I also like the fact The Netherlands got to the final.


From the start, I wasn’t keen on Samra and her song ‘Miracle’ at all. I’m not entirely sure what it is about the song, but I just couldn’t wait for it to end. I did like her gold microphone though.


Now this one I like. I love a good rocky tone to a voice and Freddie has just that. Pioneer is so far, my favourite song of this competition. He seems to be the Hungarian version of Ben Haenow.


Francesca Michielin is the first of the big five to perform with her song ‘No Degree of Satisfaction. It’s the first song of this competition to have sections sang in their native language; so I’ll give her credit for that straight off the bat. I like the staging of this song, very pretty! Not massively keen on the song, a bit boring for my tastes.


‘Made of Stars’ by Hovi Star is next up. Israel being in the Eurovision song contest always confused me slightly. From a quick Google search, Israel is technically in Asia, but oh well, they usually send some pretty decent acts and the Eurovision is about coming together … right? Anyway, the song. The song was ok, nothing special. Hovi looks like he would fit in spectacularly with AFI or a similar band, so he gets my vote for that. Also, did he just quote Cinderella?!


Poli Genova from Bulgaria is on now, and apparently this is a really catchy pop song, and I think I agree. It sounds like stuff you hear in the charts these days; although I do find a lot of the stuff in the charts these days to be utter tripe. I’m quite enjoying this song though, especially the bits in Bulgarian; very catchy! Not sure what is going on with her outfit or why that many flashing lights is necessary! ‘If Love Was A Crime’ gets my thumbs up!


Frans has some big shoes to fill, seeing as Sweden won it in 2015 (obviously, seeing as it’s in Stockholm). I really liked Graham Norton’s tribute to Sir Terry Wogan who sadly passed away earlier this year. It’s hard to believe that Graham has been hosting the show for eight years now! To Sir Terry, this is song nine ❤

Back to the song, and ‘If I Were Sorry’ sounds like a lot of music out there today, mainly becuase of how Frans is singing. This type of voice has become very popular over the last couple of years. I’m not saying it’s an awful way to sing, just that it is becoming heavily over done. I feel mean knowing now he’s only 17!


I like the creepy background of Jamie-Lee’s entry ‘Ghost’. Straight away though, her costume just screams at me. What are you doing woman? Did no one tell you to look at your outfit and take off one accessory before leaving the house? I’m pretty sure it was Chanel that said that? I could be wrong. If you look like a Clare’s Accessories threw up on you, then you need to take some things off. The song was just meh, the singing was just meh. Sorry Germany, it was meh.


I personally want France to do well, I just like France and always feel like supporting them. ‘J’ai Cherché’, roughly translated to ‘I have been looking for’ is catchy, and actually really enjoyable. I love the fact that Amir sings parts in French. I do like it when Eurovision songs are sang in their native language. Am I the only one?


Michał Szpak looks like he should be fronting a metal band, then comes out and sings a pop ballad called ‘Colour of your Life’. Slightly confusing. He does look like a pirate though and I like that about him. Plus, the song isn’t really that bad. I don’t think I’d listen to it in my every day life, whilst on the bus to work or anything, but it’s not the worst Eurovision entry I’ve ever heard.


Wait, they’re in it again? This is getting silly now, they are not in Europe. Not by a long mile. Who next? The USA? Moving on, Dami Im and her song ‘The Sound of Silence’ is an ok song. I can’t say it’s terrible because it wasn’t and that girl can sing. Do I think it’s winner material? I’m unsure but anything can happen at Eurovision.


Ah, a good Eurovision rock band entry. Minus One with ‘Alter Ego’ get a vote and a thumbs up from me simply for being a rock band in what is usually a pop dominated competition. Is it the best rock band entry ever? Well no, but still, big thumbs up from me!


Sanja Vučić ZAA (yep, I had to Google this one) and her song ‘Goodbye (Shelter)’ is another power ballad in this competition. I think this one is better than the one earlier. This one is very powerful and very haunting. I enjoyed this song. I think so far, it’s in my top 5.


Donny Montell, representing Lithuania with his song ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’. My memory of how many times Lithuania has been in a final before has failed me but I’m sure it’s not that many times? Or perhaps their songs aren’t memorable? I dunno, I know I quite liked this song though. I don’t think it’s winner material but it was nice enough.


First thing that strikes me is that super duper large and oversized dress. Good luck sitting in your booth in that! Nina Kraljić sings ‘Lighthouse’ and I’ve gotta admit it, I kinda like this song. Ooh, a dress change. But yes, there are a few moments where I thought ‘ouch’ to myself as it sounded rather out of tune, but I’m used to that with Eurovision, plus, I think it’s just the way she sings. Either way, I quite like this. Might try and find a non-live version on YouTube and see how it differs from live performances.


Sergey Lazarev is the Russian entry with his song ‘You Are The Only One’. The bookies favourite and an act that has spoken out about the negativity Russia brings along with it. A very brave step in my opinion, but let’s move along from politics and back to the music. Russia usually have some quite nice songs in the Eurovision. I love the effects on the screen behind Sergey, with the angel wings and the lightning. I can see why this was the bookies favourite, it’s very catchy! I do like it, I just have my qualms about Russia and what would happen if they were to hold it again. And, there goes the Eurovision key change!


Barei and ‘Say Yay’ is the fourth of the big five to perform (not including Sweden as they’re just last years winners). Okay, a glittery baseball jersey type thing. Couldn’t have tried harder? Not Germany hard though. The song itself is quite catchy and dancey. Some of the lyrics don’t quite make sense but, meh, lots of songs don’t make sense half the time. Following Russia was a tough act but I think she held her own well enough.


Justs and ‘Heartbeat’. Boring. Just boring. I don’t think I have anything else to say really. I’m bored.


Jamala and her controversial song called ‘1944’ about her Grandmother, Crimea and Stalin. What’s not to be controversial about a topic that’s still sadly ongoing now. Apparently parts of this song are sang in Crimean Tatar. I wouldn’t have known that without a Google. I do like the tree on the screen in the background, and this is a very powerful and emotive song. If only I knew what she was singing.


It’s nice to see Malta back in the finals again. Ira Losco and her song ‘Walk on Water’. For being far enough along in her pregnancy to know the gender of her baby, she looks very glamorous! The song’s okay, very catchy and good enough to bop too. Not my favourite of the competition. I don’t even know which song actually is my favourite yet, not sure any have massively stuck out this year!


Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz is up next. Another rock entry. Good. I think they might possibly have taken influence from Muse. Just not as good as I’m slightly bored with this entry. Sorry guys.


Zoë performing the Austrian entry in French. It’s called Loin d’ici which roughly translates to Far from here. I quite like this song, and I’m not sure if it’s the song itself or whether it’s because it’s in French. She does have a really nice voice though. I think this is in my top 5 songs from this year (well, so far it’s top 2 really if I’m being totally honest).

 United Kingdom

Okay, here we go. I’ve prepared myself for the worst with this one. You’re Not Alone by Joe and Jake. Dribble. Boring. Nope. Sorry UK.


The final entry of this years Eurovision is Iveta Mukuchyan with ‘LoveWave’. Ok, I’m all up for traditional Armenian music, if it fits the song. Why is there traditional Armenian music in this song? It doesn’t fit and just makes the song sound janky. Wasn’t keen on this song to be honest.

Half Time Show

I loved the mash up of Swedish music from time gone by. I recognised a lot of them and could sing along. Justin Timberlake performing at Eurovision is something I wasn’t really expecting, nor sure why he did it. Perhaps as extra publicity for his new movie and new song? I did like how he started with Señorita!; I still remember all the words and can happily sing along!

Alexander Rybak stole my heart that year and he really hasn’t changed! This section about the perfect formula to win Eurovision is actually kinda funny, and completely accurate. And a little cameo from Lordi. Love it!

Okay, the part with Lynda Woodruff is a little bit cringey. Okay, a lot cringey. As is the following bit with the Swedes talking about the Eurovision. Let’s just get to the votes please.

United Kingdoms Points

San Marino – 8

Czech Republic – 4

Ireland – 7

Malta – 12

Denmark – 3

Russia – 6

Australia – 4

Serbia – 2

Albania – 5

Estonia – 3

New Voting System

42 countries in Europe (and Australia) voted. First they gave the Jury votes, then they gave the tele-votes.

Jury Vote Top Three:




We gained 8 points from the tele-voting. I’m not entirely sure how they work all of this out, but it is a rather dramatic way to announce the winner.

Ukraine – 2016 Eurovision Winners!

This wasn’t my favourite song and there was no way I actually thought it could win. With everything Ukraine has gone through recently, it is nice to see something positive head their way, even if it is just a singing contest.

I still didn’t like the song very much, no matter how emotional I thought it was. Sorry. I’m not really sure who I wanted to win this year if I’m honest as no song really stood out to me this year.

Guess we’ll see you next year Ukraine. Congratulations!

Who was your favourite this year?

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One thought on “My Review Of Eurovision 2016 In Stockholm!

  1. I do like the Eurovision and for once I actually liked our entry for this year, surprisingly! I did enjoy it and I loved the theme too. Cyprus was one of my favourites too but I think that Georgia’s was my personal favourite – reminded me of a lot of Brit-indie-pop bands and it was fun, but Bulgaria and Spain’s was fun too and of course Jamala’s entry was very hard-hitting and I did like the song. I think Russia’s stage effects were fantastic too. – Tasha


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