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100 Ways to Calm an Anxious Mind!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

This week is National Mental Health Awareness Week. As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts about Mental Health, I have been a sufferer of bad mental health for well over four years now. I’m not ashamed to say it. The fact I have learned how to cope and go about my daily life in a more normalised way, shows my inner strength. I still have my moments, and some of them are scary, but I’m getting better.

With it being National Health Awareness Week, I wanted to post something every day, however my very busy schedule means that won’t happen, however, I want to bring you a couple of important posts that can aid and help those who have not found that place of peace which allows them to cope with their depression or anxiety.

So, for my first post of the week, I give you 100 ways to calm your anxious mind! These can apply to those who feel like they are having an anxiety or panic attack, for those who feel triggered or for those who have the urge to self harm. Not all of the below ideas will work for everyone. If one doesn’t work then please don’t feel disheartened, pick another and see if that works.


  1. Listen to calming music or music that you like
  2. Draw, paint or colour
  3. Watch YouTube videos
  4. Tidy your room
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Paint your nails
  7. Prepare a meal
  8. Peel an orange
  9. Make your bed
  10. Exercise
  11. Yoga
  12. Meditation
  13. Cuddle a soft toy
  14. Concentrate on your breathing
  15. Colour-coordinate your wardrobe
  16. Play an online/console game
  17. Make a scrap book
  18. Organise your DVD’s
  19. Watch a film/tv show
  20. Eat some chocolate
  21. Pluck your eyebrows
  22. Dance
  23. Sing at the top of your lungs
  24. Practice make-up techniques
  25. Take a nap
  26. Listen to ASMR videos
  27. Learn sign language
  28. Learn to swear in different languages
  29. Count to 10 slowly
  30. Look at the sky & try to find shapes in the clouds
  31. List 10 of your favourite things
  32. Ring someone you care about
  33. Have a bath or shower
  34. Read a book
  35. Do a wordsearch/crossword
  36. Water your plants
  37. Take your dog out for a walk
  38. Stargaze
  39. Get a massage
  40. Have a pillow fight with the wall
  41. Chew gum
  42. Rip paper into tiny little pieces
  43. Pop bubblewrap
  44. Count to 100
  45. Drink herbal tea
  46. Blow up a balloon and pop it
  47. Knit or sew
  48. Create origami
  49. Play the A-Z game
  50. Put on a face mask
  51. Plan pretend holidays
  52. De-Clutter your desk
  53. Hunt for stuff on eBay
  54. Write positive things about yourself & pop them in a mason jar – read when sad
  55. Go to the beach & write words in the sand – watch them be washed away
  56. Crunch ice
  57. Hug a tree
  58. Light a candle and watch the flame flicker
  59. Light incense
  60. Give yourself a henna tattoo
  61. Go to the gym
  62. Brush your hair
  63. Drink a glass of water
  64. Watch a Disney movie
  65. Cut up fruit
  66. Make a smoothie
  67. Splash water on your face
  68. Write a letter to someone
  69. Make weird faces in the mirror
  70. Sort your make-up
  71. Do cartwheels/somersaults
  72. Write a story
  73. Squeeze an ice cube
  74. Count tiles in your bathroom or kitchen
  75. Remember a happy moment and relive it in your head
  76. Snap a rubber band against your wrist
  77. Give yourself a temporary tattoo
  78. Write negative feelings down on paper then tear/burn them
  79. Pamper yourself
  80. Go shopping
  81. Make random lists
  82. Draw on yourself
  83. Finger paint
  84. Play with Play-Doh
  85. Bake a cake/cookies or similar
  86. Shave your legs
  87. Style your hair
  88. Squeeze a stress ball
  89. Create full outfits from your wardrobe
  90. Have a clear out of your wardrobe
  91. Let out a deep sigh
  92. Put your shoes in order
  93. Read a magazine
  94. Listen to an audio book of your favourite book
  95. Listen to whale song
  96. Pair up socks that have just been washed
  97. Watch a water fountain trickle
  98. Play an instrument
  99. Talk to a friend
  100. Have a picnic (inside or out, it doesn’t matter)

I hope this list can help at least one person help to calm their anxious mind and aid in them beginning to love themselves once again. As previously mentioned, not every technique on this list will help everyone, but if you can find just one, then that is great!

Do you have ay calming techniques that are not on my list? I’d love to read them. Tweet them to me or comment down below!

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