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Eating at Disneyland Paris as a Vegetarian!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As any of you know, back in February I stopped eating meat. As it’s National Vegetarian Week, I thought I would slip this little blog post in, in between my trip reports!

From April 11th till April 16th I was in Disneyland Paris for such an amazing holiday. I tried to do some research before I went but there wasn’t a lot of Vegetarian specific blog posts about food in Disneyland. I did find a website of menu’s and so, wrote a blog post preparing for my trip. You can read that here!


On the first night there we went into Annette’s Diner. I loved the theming of it in there, but that’s for another blog. I chose to have ‘The New Veggie Burger’. This burger consists of Portobello mushrooms, breaded tofu, aubergine, courgette, tomato confit, avocado, garlic pickes and wasabi sauce (I asked for no wasabi). It comes with fries and coleslaw on the side. It was in Annettes where I learned that I hate tofu and that French mayonnaise is odd tasting.


Chuck Wagon

The restaurant in the Hotel Cheyenne was where we had breakfast. Cheyenne only serves continental breakfast. This is typically what I had three out of the four mornings.


Buffalo Bills

During Buffalo Bills Wild West Show, they serve you a meal. On your way in, when they ask for your tickets, be sure to tell them you’re vegetarian. They’ll give you a little green slip that will tell the Cast Members they are not to serve you meat. When you go into the stage area after the warm up show, there is already salted nachos on your table, as well as some sweet corn bread (not pictured as I didn’t try it). Cast Members then come round with chilli. I waited slightly longer for mine as they had to go away and come back with some vegetarian chilli which was very nice. After that course, they then brought around the mains, which for me consisted of potatoes, pasta, corn, vegetables and tomatoes. The dessert was apple crumble but it had cinnamon in it so I couldn’t eat it anyway.

Au Chalet de la Marionette

Au Chalet de la Marionette might possible hold it’s place as my favourite place to eat in Disneyland Paris. I got the Vegetarian Bagel Burger and it was amazing!


Cafe Mickey

We had our character breakfast here; they serve both hot and continental food. Tomatoes, pickles, cheese, pastries, herby potatoes and a lot of scrambled egg! Oh and a doughnut for breakfast, why not? I was in Disney.

Colonel Hathi’s

I got the Three Cheese Pizza with a side of Garlic Bread.


Bella Notte

I got the Rigatoni Napolitana and a side of garlic bread.

I also had the salad sandwich from Main Street Deli but forgot to take a photograph of it. That was rather delicious too.

It’s actually quite easy to eat as a vegetarian in Disneyland Paris if you don’t mind what you eat (you know, fast and quick junk food essentially). For me, my personal favourites were the Veggie burger from Au Chalet de la Marionette and the Veggie burger from Annettes, minus the wasabi and tofu. I also have to deal with the fact that the mayonnaise in France is disgusting but hey, if that’s the only negative I take from the food in Disneyland Paris, I’ll take that and run!

If you’re a vegetarian in Disneyland, what do you eat? Do you have a favourite place to go?

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