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What NOT To Say To A Vegetarian!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It’s National Vegetarian Week!

Since becoming a Vegetarian back in February, it has become the norm for me to be asked silly things by meat eaters, or, they just say silly stuff to me about meat. I’m not entirely sure why my diet and what I choose to eat affects them so much that they need to push their meat eating into my face, but apparently this is acceptable behaviour in our society.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is like this. Not everyone is so negative towards the fact I’m a Vegetarian. Some people have been supportive and ask genuine questions. Some questions and actions are down right silly though.

So here is a few things you should NOT be saying (or doing) to a Vegetarian!

I was inspired to write this post after reading Olivia’s post over at Dungaree’s and Doughnuts about things Vegetarians have to deal with. You can read her post here.


‘I couldn’t live without meat’

Yes you could, you just don’t want too. Our bodies can live perfectly fine and healthy, without eating meat. The fact you believe you could not live without meat is because you have been eating it for so long and have been conditioned to think it is necessary. You can live without meat, you just choose not to. I choose to live without eating meat. Both are fine.

‘But Bacon’

This ones seems to be a favourite for some reason, like saying ‘but bacon’ is going to make think … ‘OH MY GOD I MISS BACON’. No. I won’t. It just makes you look like an inconsiderate ass.

‘I’m going to throw meat at you, ha ha’

Why? Why do you believe this is acceptable? We choose not to eat meat. How does that affect you to the point you believe that throwing meat at us, or joking about it, is acceptable? Stop being an asshat and realise that people have and want different diets to you. Okay!

‘You don’t eat meat? You’re a freak!’

No, I just choose a different lifestyle to you. That is perfectly normal and acceptable.

‘So, what do you actually eat?’

Well, I mainly live on grass and dust … I EAT THE SAME AS YOU JUST MINUS THE DEAD ANIMAL!

‘Those cows want to be eaten though, it’s what they’re born for’

Okay, this one makes me face palm so hard that my face is now flat. I don’t think any sentient being wishes to be eaten. I don’t think any sentient being wishes to be murdered. It is true that the majority of cows are born thee days to be used for milk or for meat, yes. However, if the demand for meat wasn’t so high, then there would be no need for a conveyor belt of cows being minced or chickens thrown into boiling water, for your delights.

‘So, you don’t eat eggs or cheese or drink milk any more?’

Okay, this one is just an ignorance question. Many people don’t know the difference between a Vegetarian and a Vegan. I am a Vegetarian, therefore I still eat eggs and cheese and I still drink milk. I don’t eat meat or gelatin or similar. A Vegan does not eat any product that comes from an animal, including a lot of by product such as certain sugars and food colourings. I have however tried a lot of Vegan alternatives in order to cut down on my consumption of animal based products.

‘Why did you go Veggie?’

Okay, this question is perfectly acceptable if you are genuinely interested. If you are asking to simply mock the person for their life choices, then you are being an asshat and need to rethink your life. If, when the person says they became Vegetarian as they don’t agree with the cruelty of animals, don’t then mock them and tell them they are wrong. If that is their beliefs, who are you to judge them and tell them they are wrong? If they’re not forcing their beliefs down your throat, then you should have no problem!

‘If you eat all the vegetables, then your precious animals will die anyway’

Sigh. It’s much cheaper and better for the environment, if you eat more veggies. Plus, if a higher percentage of the UK stopped eating meat, we wouldn’t need to feed as many cows, chickens, pigs etc. Therefore, there would be an abundance of yummy vegetables for us all to eat!

Have you had anything said to you for being a Vegetarian that is not on this list? Leave them in the comments down below!

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