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Disneyland Paris Trip Report: Day Five!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

We’re onto the final day of my trip report from my Swing into Spring trip to Disneyland Paris. This day was a very sad day as I knew I would be leaving the parks soon, however I still had some fantastic character interactions which made it all better.


Day five started just almost as early as any other day with my alarm going of at 6:30. I got up, got showered and got ready, then we packed up our stuff. As we still had a day in the parks to look forward to, we put our luggage in the concierge, taking photos of the Cheyenne on the way. These photographs will be in my post about how I found the Hotel Cheyenne. We then headed straight to the parks, skipping breakfast as we still wanted to make the most of our Extra Magic Hours. We used this time to get photographs of the park and photographs of us in front of the castle. We also went into the castle to admire all the stained glass windows and make our way around the story of Sleeping Beauty.


From there, we went to the Frontierland gates to wait for the land to open after Extra Magic Hours was finished. The Phantom Manor Cast Members were stood by the rope, letting guests know that once again, Phantom Manor would remain closed. Majority of guests were polite and understanding about this. Once the gates of Frontierland opened, we made our way towards Cowboy Cookout BBQ so we could meet Merida.

Merida was so adorable. She asked me how my day was and what I had planned after meeting her. When I told her I was going to meet Tiana and Naveen after her, she told me to pass on a message. The message was that she was inviting Tiana to go on a horse ride with her, but Naveen was not invited as Merida has bigger muscles than him. Such a wonderful character interaction!


After meeting Merida, we walked around to Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing in order to meet Tiana and Naveen. We well times our walk around as the couple were just about to go on their break before coming back for 11. So, we sat opposite the  Landing for about five minutes before deciding to go and stand, ready to queue. This meant that we were third in the queue to meet Tiana and Naveen once they came back.

When it was my turn, Naveen said Bonjour, which I replied to but then told him I was English and my French is sadly very limited. He said that was fine as his English is very good and then called me a Princess. I passed on the message to the frog couple from Merida. Tiana was very happy to be invited on a horse ride with Merida, however Naveen was quite unhappy at the fact Merida thought she had bigger muscles than him. We posed for our photo and I then told Tiana that her dress was beautiful. She thanked me and told me that I looked beautiful too. It’s the small things in Disneyland that really make you feel happy and better about yourself.


I never thought I’d be the type of person to enjoy meeting face characters but all of the interactions I had with them on this trip were fantastic and have totally changed my mind. I may write an entire blog post on my character interactions.

After meeting Tiana and Naveen, we decided to go and grab some food as it was close to lunch time. We walked across to Fantasyland and went into Bella Notte which we’d been wanting to try for a couple of days but it had been closed. I decided I wanted to sit outside as it was a nice day and we should make the most of the views of the park whilst we were still here. This was one of the best choices I made as Mary Poppins came out for a roaming meet and greet.

Mary was very good at stopping people from pushing in and noticing who had been waiting the longest. She invited me to come meet her and she asked me if I knew her story. I told her I did and that I knew she was practically perfect in every way. She told me I was sweet and then asked if I knew her friend Bert. I said that I did but I hadn’t met him yet; she then told me to watch out for them on the Parade. I said I would although I didn’t know if we’d have time to actually watch the parade that day. Mary then told me that I had a lot of lovely pins and asked me which was my favourite. When I replied with Phantom Manor, she told me I was incredibly brave to face all of those ghosts.


From Bella Notte and my meet with the wonderful Mary Poppins, we walked back to Central Plaza and found our space for Goofy’s Garden Party; as we’d only seen it from a certain angle and seen certain characters, we decided to watch it from the other side. I was so glad we chose to do this! As was my Mam!

As the dancers and characters made their way around, my Mam caught sight of Eeyore, who is her favourite Disney character ever. He saw her, waved and then blew a kiss to her. This was probably the most excited I had seen my Mam over the whole holiday, and she spent the entire holiday as giddy and excited as me to begin with. To top off this performance of Goofy’s Garden Party, as Alice and the Mad Hatter came round Central Plaza, he saw us and got all excited, coming across and shaking my Mams hand telling us he’d seen us three times in two days and it was lovely to see us again.

After those wonderful character interactions, we walked down to Town Square and stood in the queue to meet Marie. The weather was glorious at this point. Marie is super cute and adorable and I can see why she is so popular and why her Met and Greets continue to happen! My hair is a mess but I love this photograph!


After meeting Marie, my Mam wanted to pop into the shops to try and find some Disney pasta and a new apron. As she was paying in the queue, I stood on the pavement so I could watch Minnies Spring Train one last time. I’m so glad I did as I got a wonderful wave and a kiss from Daisy Duck! I adore the Spring Train so much; the music is fantastic, the dancing is fantastic and it just makes me feel so happy and ready to dance.

After my Mam had purchased her pasta, we decided to head to Frontierland to catch the next performance of Forest of Enchantment. As I filmed it the first time around, I was looking forward to being able to see it properly this time. Our seats weren’t as goo as the theatre was absolutely packed, but it was still amazing to see again. I’m unsure if one of the dancers recognised me but when he was on our side of the stage he’d look over and smile. So if he did, that’s pretty darned amazing! He was my favourite dancer as well as he was so into being the bird and shaking his tail feather!

After Forest of Enchantment, we made our way through Adventureland with the hopes that we could possibly meet Abu. We knew that he alternated with Genie and as much as we love the Genie, my Mam really wanted to meet Abu. Luckily for us, it was Abu so we stood in the rather small queue. Poor Abu always had a smaller queue than Genie whilst we were there. Once we got to the front of the queue, we placed our bags by the CM and asked her to take our photos.

As I went to get into the photo, Abu pushed me away so he could just hug my Mam and have a photo with her. It was like he knew my Mam has really wanted to meet him. Either that or he was just being a cheeky little monkey. After being persuaded by the Cast Member, he allowed me to get a hug and to be in the photographs. He gave us some corn and grain as a present, before giving me some of his monkey bogeys. We then pulled funny faces at each other. It was such a lovely character experience.


After meeting Abu, my mam wanted to go and get herself a Casey’s Corner hotdog. Of course, being Vegetarian, I didn’t have one. We stood by the curb whilst my Mam ate her hotdog and caught another performance of Goofy’s Garden Party. We has Pinoccho wave to us, Eeyore blew my Mam another kiss. Clarabelle the Cow came up and gave both os us a kiss and a wave. Then the Mad Hatter saw us again, waving like mad and shouting ‘FOUR TIMES!’. It was so lovely and amazing and magical to know that out of thousands of people he must see and meet in the space of two days and he remembered us.

From there, we went to get our space for Welcome to Spring, again. We were right at front, until it started to absolutely tip it down with rain once again. As if it knew we only had that specific time slot to watch it before going home. After over hearing a Cast Member say that the parade will still happen but Welcome to Spring would not, we decided to head back to the hotel. I was annoyed and upset by this point as it was two days in a row that the rain had started at the exact same time having been warm and sunny all day. So I was a bit deflated by this point, and rather fed up.

We collected our bags from the concierge and headed to the train station. I bought two suburban tickets so that we could get the RER A back to Gare de Lyon and then the RER D back to Paris Gare du Nord. I then had to ask directions at Paris due to coming up a different escalator than the one I’d come down five days earlier. Luckily, my minute amount of French I remember came in handy when asking a guard for directions. We got back to the Eurostar section and I printed off our tickets.

We went through the same checks at the UK Border control that we did at French border control coming to Paris five days earlier. I forgot I had my badges on, which set the scanner off. Of course once I took them off and walked back though it was fine. We got on the 8:07 Eurostar and were off on our way back to London. The train did get stopped at Lille due to people on the track or problems with the track; I didn’t quite hear the whole English version of the message.

Oncce in London, we got the underground from London Kings Cross to London Victoria, before heading to the coach station. It was here that I got very rudely dragged back into the real world and out of the Disney magic. I was ordering coffee from the Starbucks in the Coach Station and when asking for a frappuchino, the guy behind the counter yelled at me telling me there was no fraps as he was closing and I’d have to pick something else and not be ridiculous. So i got a cappuchino instead. As we were sat in the seating area having our drinks and eating some sandwiches, this same guy started going around the tables and telling people to move as he was closing and that they’d have to find somewhere else to sit. I have never had such a terrible experience in a Starbucks before!

As we were forced to move, we went down to the stand in which our coach back to Leeds was meant to depart from. However, there had been a mix up on the screens and the bus was departing from a different stand. By this point we were quite tired and quite sad we were back in the UK. We just wanted to get onto the coach and get some sleep.

We left London Victoria at 11:30 and arrived back in Leeds at 5:30am, back to the awful reality that is the real world.

I loved my trip to Disneyland Paris and even now, five weeks after leaving the magic, I still miss it and can’t wait to go back. Hopefully, I will be in Disneyland Paris for Halloween and for the Soiree!

Thank you for reading my trip reports and I hope you enjoyed reliving my trip with me.

More posts about Disneyland Paris will be coming up in the near future!

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One thought on “Disneyland Paris Trip Report: Day Five!

  1. Literally cried right through this post – no word of a lie! I love to hear of amazing adult greets. I’m not the best at meeting face characters these days with being so nervy but I really like Brave so might get the guts up to see Merida this year.
    I met Mary and Bert in 2010 and they were fab then too!

    Glad you had a great trip, though sad PM was closed with such upsetting circumstances too.


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