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Which Disneyland Parks Do I Want To Visit?

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As the title suggests, this blog post will discus which Disneyland parks I wish to visit and why.

The answer is all of them. Because Disney. Blog post over. Thanks for reading!

No, I kid  The answer is indeed all of  them, but each has a unique reason why, or specific reasons why I wish to visit that park. Although I will try to put them in order of which park I want to visit, I think they’re all pretty even, but I shall try, for the blog post. Disneyland Paris will of course not feature in this blog post as I have visited there on many an occasion. I will be going back and DLP will always be top for me, it cannot feature here as I’ve already been.

So, I shall go from 5 down to 1. 5 is the park I want to visit but I feel like it can wait where as number 1 will be a park I wish to visit as soon as I possibly can.

5. Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai comes fifth on my list. It is the newest of all the Disney parks, having only opened this year. So far, I have seen mixed views and opinions of this park. From what I have seen so far, there are a good few positives about this park, but there are also some underwhelming aspects too. There will be a whole other blog on my thoughts about the park coming soon in the near future, hopefully. It’s last on my list simply because it is the newest park and I’ve wanted to visit the others for longer, so sorry Shanghai, parts of you look lovely, but you’ll have to wait I’m afraid!


4. Hong Kong Disneyland

I have nothing against the Chinese parks, I just know that the only thing that makes me mega excited about Hong Kong is  the Paint the Night parade. Hong Kong is where we first saw it and it’s always looked so amazing! Perhaps I could squish my trips to HK and Shanghai together; just save extra long and get a visa so I can stay for longer than six days (I think that’s right, please feel free to correct me or give me more information how visiting Chinese parks works. I’m very interested in knowing).


3. Walt Disney World, Florida

This is the park that all of my friends visited when I was younger. It’s the park that a lot of people claim to be the best simply because it is the biggest with multiple parks inside of the resort. I admit, I do want to go to Walt Disney World and visit all of the parks, minus Sea World. Again, that is another blog post all on it’s own. I love the fact that there is Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom etc. I’d have to go for about two weeks to fit everything in I think.


2. Disneyland, California

The original Disney park. It is my absolute dream to walk where Walt once walked, to visit the park that started it all. To visit the park that Walt himself designed and had built. Plus, I’ve always wanted to visit California and do some travelling around that area of the world. The 60th anniversary celebrations looked absolutely amazing and of course, they now have Paint the Night which make this park even more super exciting for me.


1. Tokyo Disneyland

This one might come as a shock for people as I’ve seemingly said the Asian Disney parks can wait, but Tokyo Disneyland for me is the next park on my list to visit. Both Disneyland and DisneySea look absolutely amazing. It would also give me a chance to hopefully spend a bit of time in Tokyo itself as I’ve wanted to visit Japan for the longest of time! I’ve watched some vlogs recently from Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea and it’s made me want to go even more! Tokyo Disneyland also seems to have the most adorable of merchandise in any Disney park I’ve seen. Going to need to pay for extra baggage just to get my purchases home with me!


I didn’t include Aulani (The Hawaiian Resort) as I believe it’s just a spa and not a park. So perhaps that’s more honeymoon or hen-do type of material. Although if I’m being honest with you, I’d do a theme park for both my hen-do and my honeymoon. My OH may disagree with the latter however. I also didn’t include the Cruise Lines as I get sea sick quite easily. The cruise lines do look amazing and super pretty though!

Which Disney park do you really want to visit? Have you visited any of the above and not Disneyland Paris?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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