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My Disneyland Paris Haul!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I apologise for the lateness of this blog and indeed with how absent I have been from the blogging world for a rather long time. Long story short, I haven’t felt well or motivated enough to write, but, I’m back! And hopefully to stay!

Today, I bring you my overdue Disneyland Paris haul. It has been over two months since I returned from one of the most magical places on earth and I miss it every day.

A small disclaimer. I am not in any way shape or form bragging about the items that I bought. I worked hard and saved hard for this holiday as it had been so long since my last visit.



I had originally said that I wasn’t going to bring any plushies home with me as I don’t really have much room for them in my current house but with theses ones I just couldn’t resist. Bullseye was a birthday present off my Mam after I saw him in Frontierland. Remy I had picked up in multiple shops and put back down. It came to the last day and I thought, stuff it and I bought him. Had a lovely chat with the CM about Ratatouille as well. Zero I couldn’t resist. I also bought him from Frontierland after a trip up to see if Phantom Manor was open. It wasn’t and Cruella was nowhere to be seen, so this purchase happened. Minnie was a purchae on my final night in the parks as well. I bouht her alongside the back and white Mickey which I gifted to my boyfriend. The Bullseye Tsum was bought because I love Bullseye, he’s adorable and he goes with my plushie!


Jack Skellington

Naturally, I was going to buy a lot of Jack Skellington themed items. However, a couple of these were also gifts my Mam bought me as early birthday presents. The lanyard, the tin of sweets and the mug are items I bought for myself. The scarf, the snow globe and the shot glass were gifts.


I’m not a massive pin collector and don’t really stick by themes. For example, I bought to Tower of Terror pin badge to symbolise me going on the ride and facing my fear of sudden drop rides. The Cheyenne pin I bought a that is the hotel we stayed in. Ariel, Phantom Manor and Jack Skellington because they are my favourites. Walt, because Walt. The final pin in this haul is very special as it’s the 24th Birthday limited edition pin. I waited for half an hour outside of Harrington’s on Main Street in order to get this badge on the 13th of April as I missed the opening times at Pueblo Trading Post. I’ll treasure this one forever.

Bits and Bobs

The next section is all rather random. I have the soap and shower gel from the hotel, the flashing ice cube from my glowtini and the coin from Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. I found my Ariel canvas in the shop next to Snow White’s ride. I purchased a photopass which was such a brilliant idea and very worth the money we paid. Postcards, chocolate and of course a pair of Minnie ears.

Paper items

I brought back the map of the hotel, a park map, a Village guide and the program for the Wild West Show. I thought about framing the maps of the parks to hang up in my bedroom.

I had a wonderful time in Disneyland Paris and I can’t wait to go back for Halloween later this year!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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5 thoughts on “My Disneyland Paris Haul!

  1. I love it! My friend got the Jack Skellington Candlestick holder, and I’ve got that same Minnie Mouse plush. I’m not a big collector of pins either, but decided as I’d have a lanyard for my Annual Pass I want pins but limited myself to two per trip and wanted them to represent my trip, just because. I won’t be trading any.


    1. Yeah I don’t trade them either. I’ve traded once and it was for a beautiful glittery Cinderella pin years ago ☺️ I love Jack but with planning on going back for Halloween, I knew I could get more stuff then ☺️


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