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I’m A Brand Rep For Alice Vitrum: My Review!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Not too long ago, Alice Vitrum, ran by my Disney friend Charlotte, tweeted out looking for brand reps. I love everything that she puts up on her shop and have scrolled through the site many a time wishing I could buy everything. So when the opportunity to be a bran rep arose, I jumped at it!


Charlotte asked me for some of my favourite films and Disney characters so she could send me a product that I would love and want to wear. For anyone who knows me or follows this blog, you can probably guess two of the films/styles I chose.

It was roughly two days after this conversation that my parcel arrived.


The parcel came in a padded envelope and then the two items both came individually wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with washi tape. I was so happy that Charlotte had sent me two items, that was very thoughtful of her! The parcel also came with her business card which I will be telling all of my Disney/nerdy friends about!


On opening the two parcels, I could have cried with happiness. First, I unwrapped the smaller parcel and found a Frankenweenie ring inside. I adore Tim Burton and most of his movies so this made me incredibly happy and I was desperate to wear it straight away. The quality of the ring was fantastic. The picture was placed perfectly and the dome on top was strongly fixed. The ring i also adjustable so there’s no worry about the rings not fitting your fingers!

Next, I unwrapped the bigger of the two little packages and found a necklace with a picture in from my favourite Disney movie! I was so happy to receive a Little Mermaid necklace, complete with dinglehopper! Again, the quality of this necklace is fantastic; everything is so sturdy! The necklaces come on a decent size and strength of chain which is fabulous to see. The chain is quite long but the links are big enough so you can have the necklace as long or short as you would like.



The parcel was delivered to my house in perfect time as it meant I could wear my wonderful new gifts to London. Below is a photograph of me wearing my Little Mermaid necklace in the Cinderella carriage at Oxford Street Disney store. Here, I got compliments off two separate Cast Members with regards to my jewellery. One was from a Cast Member I have know for a few years called Ash and the other was the guy who served me at the counter. The Disney name he had on his badge was Sebastian and we had a lovely conversation about Dinglehoppers and weather Ariel ever learned their true purpose.


Overall I am very happy with the service and products I received. Charlotte is wonderful, polite and so lovely. Postage was extremely quick and the quality of the products is very high.

I will happily recommend Alice Vitrum to all of my Disney friends, in a heart beat!

Take a visit to their etsy shop using the link here – you may find a good few items you love!


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