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My WilyFoxVintage Disney Mystery Box #1!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

A little while ago, I purchased a Disney mistery box from an etsy store called The Wily Fox. This store sells all kinds of vintage items from Disney notepads and sticker sets to Star Wars pin badges and more. I found them through their Instagram account, which you can find here. You can also find their Big Cartel shop, here.


So this is how my mystery box came packaged: in a strong plastic envelope, in a proper postal box and then all of the items were packed underneath some paper noodled. I’m not sure the technical name for them but that is what I call them.


So this was the entire contents of my box. I paid £5 and got eight items, which I think is very fair indeed, especially given the quality of these items.

IMG_2147 (3)

The first item I picked out was this Winnie the Pooh notepad. It was created with one of the old school Disney childrens books. They also sell these individually on their etsy/big cartel where you can choose from a wider range of designs.

IMG_2149 (4)

The second item was a Frozen pencil. I’m not the biggest Frozen fan, however this particular type of pencil reminds me of my childhood. It’s the type where you can take one nib out, push it in the bottom and it shall be replaced by a bran new, sharp pencil nib.


The next item was this wonderful Smee postcard. I’m not sure of the date when this was made but I want to find a lovely frame for it, or at least pop it on my wall when I move house.

IMG_2155 (6)

This Belle sticker was the next item. I know I’m not a teacher but this item is so cute! Again, I don’t know when this product would originally have been in circulation but it looks rather 90s.

IMG_2157 (7)

This print is one of my favourite things to come out of this box. This definitely deserves a frame and a place on my desk or wall. Look at it? These are also for sale on their etsy/big cartel store.


The next item is a Little Mermaid pin badge. Such a wonderful little item that can go with my pin badge collection.


I will probably never open these, I’d be too scared of ruining or losing them. There’s 11 trading cards per pack and they are from when the Hunchback of Notre Dame was released. How cool are these?


Again, another item from the box I probably won’t open; 6 collectable stickers from the movie Pocahontas. I can date these at being 90s as usually, collectables like these will be released at the same time as the film to boost profit. Perhaps I should buy a nice Disney book or something to put these and the trading cards in?

I am very happy with the items I received in my Disney mystery box from The Wily Fox and I would highly encourage you guys to get one for yourself! At only £5 for collectable vintage Disney items, you can’t go wrong! I’ve just ordered myself another mystery box, so look out for the next blog post about The Wily Fox!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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