Beauty And The Beast: My Views On The Teaser Trailer!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk.

Okay, so a few weeks ago, Disney dropped the teaser trailer for the upcoming live action remake of Beauty and the Beast and oh boy did the internet explode. Even the day before it’s release, the internet was having a 90s child related break down. It was wonderful to see people getting so excited for this trailer.

When it was finally released, everyone exploded with excitement. Everyone was talking about it, discussing their favourite bits, discussing their theorys and wishes. It was a great day for positive discussion in the Disney community.

Due to my absense on my blog, caused by a very stressful and busy period in my life, I missed the chance at the time to write a blog post on my own thoughts and visions of this trailer and it’s upcoming movie. So, following in the Monday tradition of Moana and Pete’s Dragon, here is a review of the Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer!

My friend Sophie wrote a blog post showing her five favourite things about the trailer, so go give that a read after this! Click the link here.


(This isn’t an actual poster, just a fan made one – click on the image to be taken to where I found it)

Below is the trailer that was uploaded to the Disney Movie Trailers YouTube channel:

My very first impression of this trailer was the music. They’ve used the exact same music that features in the animated classic and boy does it make my heart strings pull. This music is beautiful and reminds everyone of the 90s classic! If the rest of the soundtrack is similar to the original then it is quite likely I am going to cry my eyes out.

The castle looks amazing. Yes it’s big and CGI but it still looks absolutely amazing and fits the emotional rollercoaster that all of these cursed individuals go through on a daily basis.

So, Cogsworth and Lumiere are the first ones to speak in the trailer. Not entirely convinced by Ewan McGregor’s French accent but Sir Ian McKellen’s voice is fabulous as always.

I’m one of the people who is so far on team Emma Watson. I feel like she will make a great Belle, and I’m hoping she proves us all right with her performance in this movie. She looks beautiful in the 3 seconds of trailer we see her in as well. Also, yay to no American accent.

The teaser is only a minute and a half long and ends with the words ‘Be Our Guest’ with a rose petal falling down the screen. It’s the perfect minute and a half to get everyone talking about the possibilities. Only thee characters have been heard or seen so far and it’s peaked everyone’s interests. We still need to see and/or hear Gaston, LeFou and of course, the Beast.

This trailer is probably the only one for a future release, so far, that has very much peaked my interest. Beauty and the Beast may not be my most favourite Disney film but as a 90s kid, it was one that I watched over and over as a small child and so, I’m pretty excited to see this one. Hopefully, they don’t ruin it for us all!

Beauty and the Beast is set to be released in the UK on March 17th 2017, so not long at all.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty And The Beast: My Views On The Teaser Trailer!

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my post Amy, that was incredibly sweet! I loved your post too, and am definitely aboard the Emma Watson hype train with you! I can’t wait to see more of her, and this movie.


    1. You’re very welcome, I loved your post! BATB might not be my favourite princess movie but I’m excited to see this live action remake. From this teaser it looks like they’ve put a lot of thought into it so they don’t ruin anything ☺️

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