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I’m Moving House!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

This is just a quick little blog to let you all know that I am moving house.

Formerly being a student, this happens every year on June 30th, and this year is no different. The reason I am writing a blog post about this, is I may be without internet for a couple of days whilst I wait for installation.

Although I should have enough blog posts scheduled to cover the move so you won’t really notice a difference, I thought I should let you guys know. I know my blogging has been a bit sporadic recently as my life has picked up pace and I’ve barely found the time to create new content but I thought I owed you guys this small explanation at least.

The past year in my current home has been up and down, but mostly down. I was continuously made to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in my own home. Whenever I could manage it, I would stay elsewhere; at my boyfriends, at a friends house and even at one point, staying at my place of work, simply to avoid going home. The negative and toxic atmosphere of the house caused me lose all motivation as I was constantly on edge and constantly sad and worried. The situation caused my anxiety to hit an all time high, to the point I wouldn’t leave my room to go to the toilet for fear of running into the person I wanted to avoid the most. This entire year has drained me and caused me to become ill once again and I can’t wait for it all to be over.

July 1st marks a brand new start for me. I’m moving in with my best friend and we have so many fantastic things planned for our future. Hopefully this new start gives me the boost I need to become passionate about my blog again and the many other endeavours we have planned.

If you have stuck to the end of this rambling blog post, then thank you. I appreciate every reader I have and I invite you to follow me in the newest and latest chapter of my life.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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