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My Reaction to the 40 Years of Goth Style (in under 4 Minutes) video!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Recently, a video was releases entitled ’40 Years of Goth Style (in under 4 minutes)’. I saw this posted on a Facebook page that I follow and thought I would give it a watch. Before I had a chance to, my favourite Goth YouTuber, Toxic Tears, posted her reaction video, to said Goth Style video. You can view her reaction video here.

I thought I would still do my reaction as I love talking about alternative fashions, and Fashion Friday has been a bit lacklustre (or non existent) as of late. Below is the video in question.

First stop is 1976 and the Punk movement, which is where Goth started. Not a massive fan of the outfit if I’m honest. Best part is the fishnet tights and possibly the jacket. The skirt just look too short and kitten heels have always made me feel sick. I do admire punk fashion from afar though, there are a lot of elements I find fascinating.

Quickly moving on to the early 1980s with Batcave. This style of Goth I love; it’s the more traditional, more DIY era of Goth. or the Siouxsie era as a lot of people will know it as; big hair and big make-up started appearing. This outfit here includes lots of buckled and safety pins in the fish nets and overall, I love it. Not sure how accurate it is giving that the 80s had a lot of DIY oth fashion as it was never readily available, but it’s still cool non the less.

Onto the mid-80s now with Death Rock. Straight away with this outfit all I can say is a big NO to the hair. It’s too Madonna if I’m being brutally honest. Not because it’s blonde but I’m sure she donned a very similar hair-do whilst wearing the iconic cone bra? Make-up wise, it looks kinda costume-y but still kinda awesome at the same time. The outfit is pretty cool though. Again, features fishnet which is always a staple piece to any Goth’s wardrobe. I wouldn’t personally only wear a corset, but that just stems from my own lack of confidence. I do like all the necklaces though.

Jumping forward a decade to the mid-1990s and the Romantic Goth. Romantic goth always reminds me of Morticia Addams and this outfit feeds off her. The long dress, the long black hair, the flared sleeves. It’s a very costume-y representation of Romantic Goth, but I’ve got to admit, I do actually like the outfit. Although if I were to wear it, I’d have a less fancy dress shop style version. I like the make-up too!

Cyber Goth and the late 1990s. Cyber is something I’ve never really seen myself get into and could never imagine myself wearing anything related to this sub-genre. A lot of Cyber Goths I have seen look extremely cool, but this look just isn’t for me personally. As for the representation in the video, the clothing itself looks pretty accurate. You have the neon colours, the fishnets, the suspenders, the dreads and falls; although these are a bit messy. Gotta love the clubbing scene at the end though … ahem.

Moving onto Gothic Lolita next. The make-up is very Halloween doll-esque. I love the dress though, the dress looks fabulous; as does the shoes, parasol, gloves and accessories. I also wish I could naturally get my hair to look like that. Only problem I see with this representation is the Halloween-y make-up. other than that, Lolita gets a thumbs up from me.

Steampunk is next and I love Steampunk! I think it’s a really interesting sub-genre to Goth with so many wonderful elements. According to this timeline is originated in the mid-2000s. I love the old Victorian fashion mixed in with futuristic elements. I also love her ginger hair in this and the Goggles. Steampunk will always win in my book.

We’re up to the late 2000s and it’s pin-up next. I wouldn’t class pin-up alone as a Goth style. Gothabilly (which I have covered in a previous blog post – you can read that here) is more what I would see as the name of this style. It’s still dark and it’s still macabre, it just takes elements from 1950s fashion. The outfit in this video doesn’t really scream Goth to me, just Rockabilly, or maybe Psychobilly at a push. I do love this fashion but in this video it just stick out like a sore thumb.

Pastel Goth – the sub-genre that gets everyone talking. Is it Goth? Is it not Goth? Personally, I like Pastel Goth. I know it’s a modern tumblr-esque sub-genre of Goth but it’s fun and quirky. Plus, it allows those who do like the dark and macabre and spooky to occasionally get in touch with their inner princess that screams for them to wear pinks and purples. I’d have avoided the wig though, personally. This style came in during the 2010s.

Finally we come to Nu-Goth, the most recent development in the Goth subculture. From what I have gathered from Nu-Goth, they wear on trend clothes, but in black, mixed with clothing from high-end Goth fashion companies. When I say high end, I mean the likes of Kills Star who sell patterned leggings and dresses for extortionate prices. But then again, a lot of Goth fashion companies clothing is highly expensive. Which makes me sad on a regular basis. I love this outfit, especially the hooded dress!

Overall I thought the video was really fun and will actually help a lot of people become more educated about Goth fashion. I believe that by seeing certain fashions in this video, people may research where they came from in order to gain more inspiration for their own wardrobes.

I know that is what I will do in order to fill my wardrobe with wonderful Gothic items from across the spectrum.

Which decade was you favourite? Do you already dress to reflect one of the Gothic styles in this video?

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