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My Top 5 Horror Game Playlists!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I am a massive gaming fan. I love to play games and I love to watch gaming YouTubers. I am a big fan of horror games even though I am a massive wuss when it actually  comes to playing them.

A lot of these playlists will be by the same gamers as I have my favourites, but there will be a lot of other channels that will play the same games if you fancy finding new gamers after seeing these playlists.

5. Slender: The Arrival – Metal Ass Gaming

This playlist hasn’t even been completed and it’s damn scary. Slender Man is one of those fictional characters that is generally terrifying. He started as a creepy pasta and has become some what of a phenomenon. I love Metal Ass Gaming and so far, this is one of my favourite playlists of theirs. Go give their channel a watch for more horror game realness!

4. Fran Bow – Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye has been one of my favourite gaming channels for some time and now. He plays many horror games and this is one of my favourites. It’s not the scariest of horror games out there, but it’s very creepy and crazy. I’d love to play this game at some point! Go give Jack’s channel a watch. He’s loud, he’s fun and overall his content is fantastic!

3. Five Night’s at Freddie’s – Jacksepticeye/Markiplier

Okay, I’ve watched a lot of play-throughs of the Five Nights at Freddies Franchise. I love it, however it was really hard to choose between Jacksepticeye and the self crowned King of the game, Markiplier. So I thought I’d cheat in this list and give them both joint third place! the Markiplier playlist below includes all of his FNAF videos, so enjoy.

2. Outlast – Metal Ass Gaming

The Outlast Playlist by Metal Ass Gaming is possibly one of my most watched. A former member of MAG, John, hates horror games and was made to play one of the scariest horror games I have ever played. Watching playlists of other people playing this game is a lot less scary then playing it yourself, but it still brings fear into the depths of your stomach.

I’ve also watched Markiplier and Jacksepticeye play this game. Both of these playlists are also awesome! There is also Whistleblower, the Outlast DLC that has been played by all three of these gaming channels, to my knowledge.

1. Fatal Frame 2 – Markiplier

Fatal Frame 2 was the first horror game I ever played and it always scared me, but I love the story of this game. It was also this game that introduced me to Markiplier and I’ve never looked back since. There are some frustrating moments watching Mark play if you’ve ever played the game before, however, his funny makes up for it. So Fatal Frame 2 gets the coveted top spot due to being my favourite horror game ever.

Have you any favourite horror game playlists? Or games that I have missed off my list?

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