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My Cruelty Free Beauty Haul: Nyx, Makeup Revolution & Superdrug!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Back in May I took a trip to Manchester to have a long overdue catch up with a good friend of mine. Whilst I was there, I had a little bit of a shopping spree and spent a little bit too much money. However, I didn’t mind as they were all cruelty free products.

As many of you know, I went Vegetarian back in February and along side that, I decided to go Cruelty Free with my beauty products. It’s a slow and gradual process as I empty all of my current every day products but, everything I use on my face for my every day make-up is now cruelty free!



My first top was the Nyx counter in the giant Boots store that Manchester has. I’d seen Nyx make-up in YouTube videos and it had previously only been available in the US and was incredibly hard to ship over due to costs. However, it’s finally come to the UK and I couldn’t be happier. Especially now a counter has opened in my local Boots in Leeds city centre!


First, I bought Nyx concealer. The great thing about Nyx products is that they’re drug store prices so you;re never paying through the nose for make-up. It’s also well known as a brand for the alternative folk, which makes it even better. I’ve been using Barry M concealer recently which does fine, but I thought I would give Nyx’s a try,


I then found Nyx’s liquid eyeliner. Been trying to find a nice cruelty free liquid eye-liner; a lot of brands have a pen eyeliner and I don’t like these. The bottle is really small for the price but I don’t wear eyeliner that often at the moment anyway as my hay fever has been too bad to put any on. Fingers crossed I like this eyeliner as I don’t want to continue using Rimmel’s.


I’ve recently gotten into wearing lipstick more often and I have really wanted a dark lipstick. I found Bruised by Nyx and thought it was perfect.


Earlier in the day, I had fallen in love with a Mac lipstick in a beautiful royal blue colour. Naturally, I would ever give any of my money to Mac make-up as they’re not cruelty free. However, I found this Nyx Wicked lippy in the shade Envy and it was a perfect, cruelty free dupe. I haven’t worn it yet, but I know I’ll love it when I do.


My second stop was Superdrug. For those who live in the UK and want a great place to shop for cruelty free products, Superdrug is the place to be. All of their own brand products are cruelty free and leaping bunny certified.


This is the mermaid pallette from Makeup Revolution. Naturally with a name like that I just had to purchase it. Again, MUR is a drug store brand so nothing is massively expensive. This eye shadow palette was only £4.


Cruelty Free pressed powder has been something I have struggled to find a good Rimmel replacement. They’ve either not been pale enough or they didn’t have the staying power to withstand my long shifts in a busy and hot work place. So I thought I’d give the MUR pressed powder in transparent a go.


My new go-to foundation; GOSH in Porcelain. It’s pale enough and has good coverage. It covers my blemish’s decently enough and considering it’s drug store price, it’s good enough quality in my opinion. I may write a full blown review of this product.


My hands have been very dry recently as I’ve needed to wash them a lot at work and it was starting to take it’s toll. So, I bought this cruelty free hand and nail cream from Superdrug. It’s quite thin and a bit watery so you don’t need much; a little goes a long way in this case.

My final purchase was this dark coloured lipstick from MUR in the shade blindfolded. I’ve worn this one a couple of times since I bought it and I love it!

Have you tried any Nyx or Makeup Revolution products before? What did you think?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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