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The Disney Manchester Meet Up: July 9th 2016!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you will probably have noticed me tweeting quite a bit about the Manchester Disney Meet Up that was happening on the 9th of July. Well, the day arrived and I’ve gotta say, it was some of the best fun I have had in a long time.

A lot of the people who attended, I have been speaking too on Twitter for a rather long time. Some I’ve known for years, some a few months and some I met on the day. Overall it was a fabulous day to meet new people and to make friends with the same interests!

I thought I would write a quick blog post to let you all know what happened on our very Disney day!


I woke up about 8:20, having fallen back to sleep after turning my alarm off, oops, so quickly got up, showered and got read. My friend and house mate Jo and myself, then got the bus to Leeds train station about 10:15. We bought ourselves some open day tickets, a starbucks and some McDonalds chips to keep us going. Breakfast had just finished so we missed out on our Egg McMuffins!


We got on the 10:53 train from Leeds to Manchester Piccadilly, which was so full we had to sit down next to a set of doors as we couldn’t find any spare seats. The journey took about 50 minutes and the time passed surprisingly quickly. We even had a nice train guard who joked on about rainy Manchester as he was checking our tickets.

We got off the train at Manchester Piccadilly and headed for the Departures board which is where a lot of people for the meet up had agreed to meet. The first two people we met up with were Jade and Rachel, followed by Shannon, Dawn, Sammy and Nicola. Kim was the last to meet up with us as her she was having tram and bus problems. Once we figured out that all who were meeting at Piccadilly had turned up, we made our way to the Arndale Centre to meet the others at the Disney Store.

Outside of the Disney Store we met with Emily, Ben and Josh, closely followed by Chris and Helen.

Now came for some Disney shopping time. There was a 50% sale on, so naturally we all got very excited. I will have a separate post showing my haul from Manchester, but I managed to only buy three items, not including my bag. I was very proud of myself.

Once everyone had bought what they wanted, we got a group photograph outside, taken by one of the lovely Cast Members of Manchester Arndale Disney Store!


(L-R: Shannon, Kim, Rachel, Jade, Joey, Sammy, Nicola, Me, Dawn, Helena or H (Guide Dog), Emily, Ben, Josh, Chris and Helen)

From here, we went to Travelling Man and Forbidden planet. Again, there will be a separate blog post showing what I bought. Yep, I bought quite a bit of stuff after attempting to promise not to spend too much money.

After shopping, we went to Pizza Hut to grab some food. We ended up having to be split into three different tables as they couldn’t properly accommodate a walk in of 14 people (even though Kim had previously tried to book us a spot in their restaurant). I was sat with Kim, Chris and Helen for the time we were there.

A few of us were snapchatting events to our friends DeAndre and Sophie, and then this happened:

Click on the photo below to view the video.


If you’re rather confused, all shall be explained a little later on in this blog post!

So after lots of confusion, forgetful service, wrong pizzas, random vlogging and being perfectly presented with the opportunity to dine and dash (we didn’t because we are good, honest people), we left Pizza Hut. Here we said goodbye to Shannon and Josh and made our way into Primark.

Primark in Manchester is quite big and we ended up splitting off into two groups. I did buy some more items and again, these shall be featured in a follow up blog post. Sadly, from splitting into two groups, we didn’t get to see Jade, Rachel, Sammy and Nicola before they left but they messaged us to say they had had a great day.

This left Emily, Ben, Dawn, Chris, Helen, Joanne, Kim and myself to go back into the Arndale and have one more look around the Disney Store. Before reaching the Disney Store, Dawn realised she needed to go, so we said goodbye to her and her guide dog Helena, as Ben walked her to the train station and made sure she got onto her train safely.

As we waited for Ben to come back, we went back into the Disney Store one last time. This was where and when we created the following:

Click on the image to see exactly what I am talking about.


Okay, if you are completely confused by this point, I should probably give you a little explanation. Our friend DeAndre made a fun little video last time he visited Disneyland Paris. It’s a music video complete with dance moves, character dancing, shots of the parks and general all around fun. If you Haven’t seen it, you can click on the link here to take you to the video!

We went into Clintons following this where Kim knocked over a display. As the lovely friends that we are, did we help her clean it up? Of course not. We all turned pretending we didn’t know her and burst into fits of laughter. Naturally! We also went into all shops we thought would sell the Disney Lego minifigures – finally finding them in WHSmith. Emily has a gift with her packet feeling, managing to get Chris and Helen half of the collection with no duplicates!

It was roughly 6:30 by this point and we all decided it sadly time to end the day and start to make our way back home. Before we did that, we got a group selfie.


We left Helen and Chris at Arndale and said goodbye to Emily and Ben on our way to Piccadilly. At the Station we said our goodbyes to Kim and got on our train back to Leeds, arriving home just after 8:10pm.

Overall I had a fantastic day meeting a lot of my Disney friends. Some of whom I now consider my Disney family. I’ve created memories that will stick with me forever.

Roll on Ocotber 30th and #DLPBoo where I will meet some of my friends again as well as meeting and making new friends.

Roll on December 3rd for the Walt’s Birthday edition of the #DisneyMancMU.

Hopefully we can all meet up before then though and create even more Disney-esque memories!!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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