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My Vintage Little Mermaid Mug from Wily Fox Vintage!

Aloha my wonderful Merfolk!

A good few months ago, I made yet another purchase from Wily Fox Vintage.

This time though, it wasn’t a Disney Mystery Box. I decided to add to my Disney mug collection and purchase a vintage, 90s mug.

You can find Wily Fox Vintage on Etsy, Big Cartel and Instagram 


So my box came delivered like this; the usual thick pink plastic bag, wrapped in fragile tape. There was also a Wily Fox Vintage sticker on the front to let me know that it was the parcel I had been waiting for.


After opening the plastic I was greeted by this wonderful wrapping paper. I didn’t want to tear it. Look at it, it’s so pretty!


This is the box my mug came in. Perfect size and fit for the mug to reduce any rolling around etc.

And finally, ta-da! Here is my 90s Little Mermaid mug from Wily Fox Vintage. I’m not going to use it to drink out of, more than likely I will use it to hold make-up brushes or pens or similar. I can’t get over how pretty it is!

Wily Fox Vintage puts up mugs and cups from the 90s on a regular basis so check out her websites to see if you can nab your own fantastic Disney product!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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