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My Disney Pin Collection!

   Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today, I want to show you my Disney pin badge collection. This blog post has been a long time in the making as my Disney badges have been scattered between my parents house, my grandparents house and of course my own house. They’ve been spread out. Of course, I also added to my pin collection in April when I went to Disneyland Paris.

I know for a fact that I will add more pin badges to my collection when I go to Disneyland Paris in October, but for now, here is my collection!


Firstly, we shall start with the collection I already had prior to going to Disneyland Paris in April. Also, I apologise for the quality of the photographs. these were taken just after Christmas and I feel as if I have learned so much about photography for my blog since then.


The first part of my collection is my Princess pins. I remember that I got Cinderella through pin swapping with a Cast Member. I had wanted the Cinderella pin my entire trip but had always been too shy to ask the Cast Member to trade with me; so my Auntie asked him and he was more than happy to give me Cinderella. I really liked Cinderella when I was younger. I got Snow White and Aurora in the same design. I love my Ariel heart pin badge as well. These are all from Disneyland Paris.


The next set is my collection of fab five pins. The bottom Mickey and Minnie were from my starter/booster set. I traded one of the Mickey’s for the Cinderella pin shown above. The Hollywood Minnie at the top was only a part of my collection of Minnie in this outfit. I had a lot of items from this collection. I think my favourite pin from this collection is Minnie in her cowgirl outfit.


This is my small Pixar collection. I love Jessie and Ratatouille. If I remember correctly, my Incredibles badges were from a booster set. I still have a second Violet but I’m not sure what I have done with my second Mrs Incredible.


These are my attraction pins. I tend to buy attraction pins if I have conquered a fear to go on them or if I really loved the ride. My favourite from this collection definitely has to be my Phantom Manor pin badge. Just look at it!


This is a collection of random Disneyland Paris pins in my collection. The top left is a Pirates of the Caribbean pin believe it or not. I love it. So pink and sparkly. I adore Dopey and Tigger too.


These two Muppet Babies pins were released for charity; so I donated my pound and picked up these two cuties.


Again, these are either charity pins or Disney Store pins. I’m really unsure what is going on with Aladdin and Jasmines hair. I adore my Lilo badge. I believe it was this pin badge that made me want to start collecting Disney pins.


This pin needs no explanation. I bought this on my last trip to Disneyland Paris in 2007 (prior to my visit in April this year).


This Mary Poppins badge was purchased from Londons West End when I went to see the musical there as a child.

These two pins were gifted to me by a fellow Disney fan. I love Brother Bear and think it’s a completely underrated Disney movie. This Dreams pin was just another pin to add to my collection with no real meaning to me, as I had never seen Dreams before. Now I have seen it, this pin is so special to me. Dreams is important to me and now, so is this pin badge.


This Ariel pin badge was acquired through a Twitter giveaway held by my friends Helen and Chris. So happy I won Ariel!

These are the pins I purchased from Disneyland Paris on my most recent trip. If you want to read more about them, you can read my Disneyland Paris blog post here.

I also own two pin lanyards:

Do you collect Disney pins? How many do you have?

My collection is small but I am sure it will grow with each Disney trip I have.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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