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My Stay At Disneyland Paris’ Hotel Cheyenne!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As you all know, I visited Disneyland Paris back in April of this year – returning after a nine year absence of having a holiday in my life.

The idea of being able to return to one of my favourite places filled me with excitement from the moment we booked it in August of 2015, to all the days I was there and even now, looking back on the holiday fills me with so much happiness. Disney is magic. Disney holds very special memories for me and I cannot begin to explain how important the place is to me.

However, that is not what this blog post is about. This post is all about my stay in the Hotel Cheyenne! This was my first stay in this onsite hotel and I was definitely not disappointed!


So this was my first stay at the Hotel Cheyenne. I have previously stayed in the Hotel Santa Fe, Hotel Sequoia Lodge and Hotel Kyriad; all of which are super lovely hotels. We decided on the Hotel Cheyenne because it was a hotel we could afford at the time and it was one we had not previously stayed in.

Upon our arrival on the 11th of April 2016, we noticed there was a lot of scaffolding and tarp over the main buildings of the hotel. We expected this as the hotel is going through a long term and gradual refurbishment of it’s rooms. I’ve seen photographs of these new rooms and I am very very impressed, but that is another blog post entirely!

The lobby is fantastically themed from head to toe; fro the decorations, to the carpets, to the uniforms of the Cast Members. I really felt like I had stumbled into the Wild West after walking into this hotel.

After checking in, I went into the toilets next to the Chuck Wagon so I could refresh myself and apply new make-up as I’d been travelling a long time by this point (over 12 hours). The toilets, I believe, had recently had a sparkle or refurbishment and it shows. The toilets were bright and clean, with a large sink area and lots of mirrors; perfect for applying that new face of make-up before the parks.

Next, I want to talk about the rooms. I love the theming of the rooms.

The photos of our room are not brilliant as they were taken on our first night before we disturbed anything (yes, we bought a lot of merchandise on our first day in the parks). Every little cowboy detail was fabulous. I especially loved our cowboy boot lamp. My favourite part. The bed was comfortable, although I can’t sleep on just one pillow, so stole one from the bunk beds that we didn’t use (except for storing bags and clothing).

I think the only thing I wasn’t keen on about the room was the amount of lighting. Whilst trying to get ready at 5am for breakfast and EMH, it can be a bit dim and dark, but overall, a very lovely, clean and spacious enough hotel room.

The Chuck Wagon is the next thing I wish to talk about. We had breakfast here for three our of the four mornings. Although it was just a continental breakfast, I loved it. Disney is the only place you can constantly eat croissants smeared with nutella and not be told you have an unhealthy diet. There was also plenty of cereal, toast and cheese for me to pick from. There’s also tea, coffee, orange juice and apple juice.


The general theming of the hotel is just fantastic. I constantly felt like I was in a village in the wild west when I was there. We stayed in the Jesse James block during this trip. We also paid a few visits to the Red Garter Saloon after Dreams and had some glowtini’s.

My stay in the Hotel Cheyenne was amazing. All of the staff were happy and friendly and always willing to help. The bat staff in the Red Garter saloon were wonderful; especially when I gave one a bunch of coins to pay for our drinks. He made a joke about it and we laughed about our bartender pet peeves for a little bit.


Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Hotel Cheyenne so much I have booked up to stay there for my Halloween trip.

Have you stayed in the Hotel Cheyenne before?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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