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The Happiness Tag!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I was tagged by my lovely friend Rachel to do the Happiness Tag. I go through periods of darkness and sadness and sometimes, it’s always good to try and remember the things that make you most happy. Happiness should be a part of everyones life, even if it is just for the small things. So without further ado, lets start the Happiness Tag!


5 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. My boyfriend: I know this one seems a little bit cliche and obvious, but there’s so many reasons behind why this guy is so important to me. He found me during a very dark period, a time where I thought I was never going to find happiness. During this time, I felt like I would never be loved by anyone again, that I wasn’t good enough for anyone. He picked up all of the broken pieces and has put them back together. He has given me confidence, he has shown me how valuable and loved I can be. He has helped pick up my shattered self esteem and made it possible for me to be more confident in myself. I owe him for a lot, but at the same time, I don’t owe him anything because he did it all out of love, not for anything in return. Without him, I don’t know where I would be today.
  2. Disney: Going off the majority of my blog posts and conversations on Twitter, this one might be an obvious one. Disney has been a constant throughout my life. Trough every single up and down. Through family trouble, through break-ups, through fall-outs, through depression, through loneliness; Disney has been there to cheer me up. Disney has also given me the opportunity to make lots and lots of new friends; some of whom I met recently. You can read all about that in my Manchester Meet-Up post here.
  3. Harry Potter: This is one I don’t talk about my love for as often as I should. However, Harry Potter plays an important part in my life because it has also introduced me to some really good friends. One of whom is now my best friend and housemate. Talking about Harry Potter and all of the magic, always makes me smile. Another fandom that can completely raise my spirits and make me feel 100 times better. Whether it be the books, the films, the games or even Pottermore, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.
  4. YouTube: This one may sound strange to some but YouTube generally makes me very happy. I have discovered so many fantastic YouTubers that make more of my regular viewing that television shows. There are so many different communities on YouTube tat no matter what mood you are in, there will be a YouTuber or a video for you. I use the videos created by the ASMR community to help aid my sleeping and to calm anxiety. Without these videos, I would rarely get to sleep or rarely feel relaxed and less stressed or anxious. I also watch a lot of gamer channels, as well as a good few alternative channels. Watching new content cheers me up and also gives me a platform to see that there are other people out there just like me.Which is awesome to know.
  5. Family: My family is large, confusing and sometimes a bit insane, but I love them all the same. They have always supported me and pushed me to be the best version of me I can be. I believe they brought me up correctly and have given me good values to take into adult life. I don’t live near them any more and I miss them dearly, but I know they’re always at the other end of the phone if I ever need them.

5 Songs That Make Me Happy

  1. Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day
  2. Cauldron of Cerridwen – Disjecta Membra
  3. Court of Miracles – Hunchback of Notre Dame
  4. Sissy That Walk – RuPaul
  5. Son of Man – Tarzan

Nominate 5 Bloggers

I nominate Emily, Gaetane, Mandy, Joey and Kim.

It’s been really nice to think about things that make me happy. What makes you happy?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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