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When Goth Meets Japanese Fashion!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It’s been a long, long time since I brought you a post about the fashions of the Gothic Subculture, so, for the return of Fashion Friday, I bring you the stylings of Gothic Lolita or J-Goth as it is sometimes known. J-Goth spun from the Lolita styles that are already quite prominent in Japan already. This type of Goth style has been questioned and debated, however it does have ties to the Gothic fashion culture due it’s use of ruffles and lace.

Personally, Gothic Lolita is not my style but there are some aspects to it that are beautiful and simply adorable. I thought I would share it with you.

Kinky Angel

First stop is Kinky Angel. You will have seen this on my blog posts before, so here’s a link to their website; just click here.

L-R: Lolita Bones Shrug, Long Lace Blouse, Black & Purple Lolita Pumps, Choker & Bracelet Set

Attitude Clothing

Another website that has featured heavily in my previous fashion posts; you can find their website here.

Clockwise L-R: Windows Lolita Skirt, Lola Ramona Heart Bag, Mary Jane Wedge, Gothika Platform

Light In The Box

This website I found through a quick Google search and from first glances, it looks to have quite a good range of clothing on there.

Top Row: Black & White Classic Lolita Outfit, Knee Length Ink Blue Lolita Skirt, Long Sleeved Suspender Lolita Skirt

Bottom Row: PU Leather Lolita Shoe, Classic School Lolita Dress

My Lolita Dress

This website I found after doing a quick Google search and it states that it sells Lolita clothing for cheaper prices. As I don’t shop for Lolita clothing, I’m unsure if their prices are cheaper, but I know their clothing looks pretty. You find their website here.

Top Row Clockwise L-R: Long Sleeve Cotton Lolita Dress, Ruby Rabbit Halloween Tights, Matte Black Boots

Bottom Row: Pumpkin Head Brooch, Halloween Lolita Dress

 Tokyo Rebel

The final website is Tokyo Rebel; one I found through my Google search. The prices on this website are a little higher than some of the others, but their stuff looks pretty all the same. You can find their website here.

Top Row L-R: Bustle Corset Dress, Coffin Bag, Double Breasted Jumper Skirt

Bottom Row L-R: Platform Pumps, Platform Buckle Boots

I don’t personally wear a lot of Lolita items, but I do find a lot of them cute. Out of the items I have mentioned in this blog, I would wear most of the shoes and I especially like the coffin bag; I just wish it was slightly more affordable. The high-waisted skirts are simply adorable too; anything high-waisted gets a big thumbs up from me!

What is your favourite item in this blog? Would you wear Lolita fashion?

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