I’m Back!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I know I have had some scheduled posts going up few and far between. I’ve been having some difficulty recently scheduling myself and my life and re-learning time management. I also fell out of love with blogging as I felt I had lost a sense of direction where the Grotto was concerned. However, this has all changed and I am feeling much better in myself.

At the beginning of August I started a new job. I went from a job with variant hours, working evenings, weekends and every holiday in between to working a Monday to Friday, 9-5 job. In order to get to said new job, I leave at 7am and I do not get back home till roughly 7pm. 12 hour days are not something I am super used to and it’s taking some time to adjust to.

I also went on holiday to Lanzarote last week and it was amazing. It was fantastic just to take time out from my now very fast paced and very hectic life to just relax. The holiday gave me time to reflect on what was important and what means a lot to me. It gave me a chance to sort out my mind and make me realise that blogging is something I love and enjoy and that I want to continue doing it. It has given me the kick up the butt I need to pursue what I want to do.

I have so many fab ideas that I want to start planning and following through with and I hope all you fantastic people will accompany me through my journey and continue your fantastic support!

Thank you to all my wonderful merfolk!

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