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Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Last week, I managed to catch the #TalkMH chat on twitter. This chat is held on Thursday evenings at 8:30pm by a wonderful girl called Hannah Rainey. You can find her twitter here. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate in this chat. If you are passionate about mental health, then join in, make some new friends and show your support for one another!

To me, talking about mental health is of the utmost importance. We need to rid the world of the stigma that is attached. This is why it was heartbreaking to see, that after such a wonderfully positive chat on seeking help for mental health problems, we were greeted with the remarks of an unkind and hateful troll.

People with mental health issues should just go for a walk and get a grip really? It’s not hard to cope with’.


What happened next, made my heart proud. What seemed like a large percentage of the twitter community, rose up and fought against this troll with educated and calm answers. From there, the hashtag, #JustGoForAWalk was created and helped us to bring Mental health back into a positive light.

Going for a walk does not cure mental health. It may ease the pain for an hour or two but it is not a cure. It is not easy to live with. It is a debilitating illness that destroys the personality of a person. It completely changes them, sucks out the brightness that once was there. We are still very much our own people, however we are dimmed, we are different. However we must always remember that we are strong and we can fight that which aims to make us weak.

Trolls live to create misery and ridicule for their own kicks. I personally, don’t understand what pleasant feelings they could find from causing misery to others. I am probably not alone in this. However, their opinion was overwhelmed by the positive movement created from the hashtag and they eventually went silent, taking defeat.

I think it is safe to say that the Mental Health community of twitter are strong and valiant and won’t take insults or non-educated comment about mental health lightly. I am glad to have found this community and will continue to find myself a part of it. I hope to be welcomed with open arms as I continue to write about mental health and the importance of it.

I will not be silenced. People have tried and I will not let them succeed.

If you wish to surround me with the negativity of trying to cal me out for talking about my mental health, then perhaps you should go for a walk?

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