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My Holiday to Lanzarote!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

From the 1st of September till the 8th of September I was in Lanzarote. This was my first holiday outside of the UK that was not to Disneyland Paris. I went with my boyfriend and I was very excited to visit a Spanish country as a change of pace.

This holiday involved a lot of firsts for me and I can’t wait to share them with you all!


Firstly, getting to Lanzarote meant getting on an airplane. This was something, at the age of 24, I had never done. I had a fear of flying, a fear of the unknowns that came with it. I had gathered my fears of flying over the course of ten or so years and tried to avoid it whenever physically possible. I always travelled to Paris via coach or Eurostar. However, there was no getting to Lanzarote in any other fashion and so, I had to face my fears and get on a plane.

It was nerve wracking and I felt very panicked and anxious, but I managed it. I shall write an entire blog post about my first time flying so I can share that experience with you in more depth.


We were originally told that the flight was supposed to take 4 and a half hours, We took off from Leeds/Bradford airport at 18:30 and landed in Arrecife airport, Lanzarote after 4 hours and 15 minutes.  We disembarked the plane and headed to the arrivals lounge to collect our bags.

From there, we waited roughly 40 minutes for our transport to our hotel. I’m unsure if there was a mix up with the transport families had booked to Playa Blanca but there were a few people waiting to be transported to their hotels. We arrived at the Lanzarote Princess Hotel at roughly half past midnight and checked in. We were given room number 80, which was just around the corner from the swimming pool.


I shall do a full review of the hotel in another blog post as there is so much to talk about. The hotel was beautiful.

The majority of our days were spent relaxing by the pool, having a few drinks, reading books and watching the world go by. I never used to like the idea of sitting by a pool and sunbathing, but now that I am older and I have dived head first into the world of work and the stress that comes with it, it was a wonderful break to sit and do nothing.

Breakfast was between 7:30 and 10:30am. The times we went varied over the course of the week and would depend on how much sleep we needed. Usually however, it was about half 8/9 o clock. Lunch was between 1:30 and 3pm if you used the buffet. A little hut by the pool was open for a bit longer so that you could still get food out of the buffet restaurants hours. We regularly ate at the poolside hut so we wouldn’t lose our sun loungers. Evening meal was between 7 and 10pm. I will do an entire blog post on what I found to eat at the buffets, being vegetarian.

On the Sunday evening, we went out to a bar on the seaside called the Harp to watch England play Slovakia in the World Cup qualifiers. The Harp was an Irish bar; a place I could finally get a nice cold cider to drink as the hotel did not offer it. England won the match at the last minute and the pub was so loud with cheers. From there, we went for a walk along the sea side and down to the marina, which is such a beautiful place. We stopped at a restaurant at the end for another drink. The name of the restaurant escapes me but I know it was something meat related, which I did not appreciate. However, the views were wonderful!

In the evenings, after our evening meal, we would go to the upstairs bar and watch the entertainment. This was except our first evening, the Friday, which was the White Party. We were to dress in white and the entertainment was in the main lobby instead of the small theatre room. There was also a Spanish evening on the Tuesday night with flamenco dancing and traditional Spanish music being played.

On the Monday I began to feel quite ill and so spent most of the day dozing and reading in the hotel room. My boyfriend went out at about 2pm to get us some lunch and we had a little picnic in our room. I slept some more and felt well enough to go out for the evening meal and to see the entertainment, which I was glad about as it was an evening I enjoyed.

On our final day, we were awake at 7:30, checking over our packing that we had done the night before and packing any last few bit and bobs we had needed in the morning. We then headed to the restaurant and had our final breakfast. From there, I went to the shop and purchased a last few things.

We were collected from outside the front of the hotel at 9:55. From there, we drove for roughly an hour, collecting people from other hotels in order to bring them to the airport. I was sad to leave the Lanzarote Princess behind as it had been a beautiful hotel to live in for a week.

We arrived at the airport at roughly 11am and were allowed to check our bag in at 11:15. From there, we went through security and then duty free. We bought ourselves some snacks for the plane and some coffee to keep us going. Whilst sat watching planes take off and leave Arrecife, our gate was called. We were stood there a good 50 minutes before they allowed us to board our flight home.

We took off from Arrecife Airport, Lanzarote at 13:45 and landed at Leeds/Bradford airport at 17:30, arriving back home at 6pm.

It was a wonderful holiday and I never wanted to leae. It’s made me want to visit the other islands that make up the Canary Islands and indeed, to visit more countries, now I know I can face my fear of flying.

If you ever get the chance to visit Lanzarote, I wholly suggest you do it. It is a fantastic and beautiful island and well worth the four hour flight.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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