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What I Ate In Lanzarote As A Vegetarian!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As you know, I recently went on holiday to Lanzarote. My previous experience of eating as a vegetarian in Europe, saw my choice of food rather limited. However, this was within the confines of a Disney park and in France. This time, I was on a Spanish island off the coast of Africa.

I imagined from the beginning that I would b stuck eating chips and pizza for every single meal and would gain so much unhealthy weight and feel so clogged up and groggy for the entirety of my holiday. However, this was not to be. I actually had quite a range of different foods to try and sample that were suitable for vegetarians.



Breakfast stayed similar throughout the holiday. I would always have a coffee, at least one glass of orange juice as well as some water. For food, I would pile beans onto my plate, as well as the vegetables they offered at breakfast; courgettes and aubergines. In Spain however they are referred to as zucchini and eggplant. I would also have some scrambled egg with mushrooms. Occasionally I would have some potatoes on my plate, some tomatoes and on the odd occasion, a fried egg. One morning they offered eggy bread, so I had a slice of that. I would follow this cooked breakfast with a plate of fruit if I still felt hungry.


Usually for lunch we would be sat by the pool; this meant either my boyfriend or myself would take a walk across to the cafe hut and pick us up some lunch. For myself, this would only be fries as everything else was meat based. On the last few days, I also got myself some nachos with cheese in order to snack later on in the afternoon if I was peckish. The chicken nuggets in the photograph are of course not mine. If we felt too hot or still hungry after our lunch, we would grab some ice cream from the bar and have that.


Evening Meal

In the evening, after showering and getting ready, we would head back to the buffet restaurant for our evening meal. During this meal, everything that was suitable for vegetarians to eat, was symbolised with a a green leaf stamped onto the label, like the example below:


I did find however, that very much like France, the Spanish have a tendency to believe that Fish is eaten by vegetarians and so, a few of the dishes had tuna in them.

I tried to vary my choices in my evening meals, aided by the fact the hotel rarely served the same thing two nights in a row, except the vegetables and the fries. I was able to get pizza, paella, vegetables, pasta and salad. On one of the nights, I created my own version of the egg mcmuffin from McDonalds as they were serving burgers but no vegetarian option.

These evening meals were sometimes followed by desserts if we felt we had room to fill:

Some of the desserts that they served, I didn’t try as I didn’t wish to chance eating an animal product. I had already had to spit out part of my main on two occasions due to the inclusion of tuna.

On the final night, we ate at the hotels a la carte restaurant. Upon arrival we were given a ticket to allow us one free all included meal in there and so, we decided to use it for our last night. I shall write a review of this restaurant as a separate blog post altogether.

Eating abroad as a vegetarian can be quite easy, if you visit a place that is willing to give you the option. Vegetarianism is on the rise worldwide and so, one day, we will have just as many options, if not more, than omnivores.

Have you ever been to Lanzarote, or Spain, as a vegetarian?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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