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Sakura Lanzarote: A Restaurant Review!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As promised in my blog post about eating vegetarian in Lanzarote (which you can find here), I bring you a review of the restaurant we ate in, on our last night on the island.

Upon arrival at the Lanzarote Princess Hotel in Play Blanca, we were given a voucher that would allow us to dine once in the a la carte restaurant as it would be included with our all inclusive deal. We decided to use this voucher on our last night to make it special.


Sakura is an oriental fusion restaurant in the Lanzarote Princess hotel in Play Blanca Lanzarote. The food they offer comes from multiple Asian backgrounds and is mixed to create the fusion aspect of the theme.


Upon arrival, we were seated and given menu’s. We were then asked if we would like drinks. From ordering, the drinks were brought to us swiftly as well as a sushi appetiser. I politely declined the sushi and explained I was vegetarian. The waitress seemed confused and asked me ‘No fish?’. This shows the cultural differences in what we believe vegetarian to mean. I believe in Europe, they take vegetarian to simply mean we do not eat the meat from land animals; fish is simply seen as fish and not meat. Again, I just politely declined the sushi.

I started to look at the menu at this point and was rather disappointed at what I saw; or didn’t see.


In the starters and soup section, there were two options that I could see. I however chose the Vegetable Tempura.


I was served courgette, aubergine, peppers and carrots with sweet chilli and soy sauce dips.

When it came to my main however, I had only one choice, and it involved tofu. I do not like tofu in the slightest. I have tried it on many an occassion and each time it has made my feel physically sick. The texture is not nice and there is no taste to it. I felt a little bit deflated that I would need to have a tofu rice dish, however, when it came I was pleasantly surprised.


It was rice and black beans in a terriyaki sauce with the tofu on top. This meant that I could easily scrape the tofu fro the top of the dish. This dish was very tasty and I could happily eat it all again; sans the tofu of course. Considering at first I was rather disappointed, this dish had perked up my spirits.

For Dessert, I picked something unusual but intriguing sounding. I chose a coconut flan with a green tea broth. What was out down in front of me was not what I was expecting.


The coconut flan is on the right with the green tea ‘broth’ on the left. In the middle is some oranges and a sauce. I was not sure what the sauce was but the flan and the ‘broth’ were both fantastic. By this point I was quite full so could not finish my dessert however, it was very tasty and would have it again if offered.

The service in the restaurant was wonderful. The waitress and waiter were very polite and the food came out extremely quickly. Our meal was at 9pm and we were finished our three courses by 10pm. We never felt rushed or that we were unwanted however, it was a very relaxed and wonderful meal.

At the end, we were given a feedback form to fill in and the only negativity i could think to fill in was the lack of choice for vegetarians and that fish is not consumed by us. Other than that, I have nothing but praise for this restaurant and it’s staff!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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