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#Blogoween Day 2: A Halloween Tree!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

We have all heard of a Christmas Tree, the meanings behind it and why we decorate one. However, I’ve always wanted a Halloween tree. Halloween is my favourite time of year and I always happily decorate my house to reflect Autumn and the Halloween season. So, why not have a tree?



Firstly, you shall need a tree. I always feel that for an Autumn/Halloween themed tree, black works very well. These are easy enough to find online all year round and in certain shops as it rolls closer to the Christmas season. You can choose between a table top tree or a full standing tree of differing heights. I found the one below on Amazon.



When decorating a tree, the first thing I put on is the lights; this way I don’t knock off or break any of my decorations.

The first set of lights are Pumpkin Fairylights from Poundland. The second set of Pumpkin Fairylights (the round ones) are from Amazon, as are the Spider Fairylights.

Next, I will put tinsel on the tree.

The top two sets of tinsel can be found on Amazon: Halloween Skull Tinsel and Halloween Pumpkin Tinsel. The bottom tinsel can be found at Poundland.

Finally, I put my baubles and decorations onto the tree. There are many different style you can choose from for your Halloween tree.

You could decorate your tree with Halloween themed baubles and decorations like the above from Amazon: Grouchy Ghost Ornament, Orange Halloween Bauble, Pumpkin Engraved Mirror Baubles.

You could also go for orange and black baubles. Orange and black are very well known as the colours of Halloween and so, this tree would fit in wonderfully with any home decorated for Halloween.

A final idea for your Halloween Tree, can be an Autumn theme. Instead of Halloween tinsel and lights; put some plain lights on the tree and decorate it with pine cones and autumn leaves. Fill your tree with items that remind you of Autumn.

Would you ever have a Halloween tree? Do you have any other ideas on how to decorate a tree in the spirit of the season?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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2 thoughts on “#Blogoween Day 2: A Halloween Tree!

  1. Wow I’ve never even thought about a Halloween or autumn tree before! I bet you could actually make a Halloween tree look really classy with like matte black baubles and such! Would be a great addition for a Halloween party 🙂


    1. Ooh, black matte baubles, yes! Hopefully next year I will be able to write a post about my very own Halloween tree – this year I am saving for DLP but next year, I will have a Halloween tree 🙂 xx


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