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#Blogoween Day 6: What I Am Watching This October!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I, like many other, have an extremely long list of television shows that they wish to watch. My list is extremely long as I’m super bad at watching new tv shows. I tend to stick to shows I know and love and rewatch them over and over. However, I’ve spoken to myself and told her that I need to start branching out and start ticking off shows from my list.

So, I thought I would share which shows I am watching with you guys. If you’ve seen these shows before, let’s talk about them in the comments below, but remember, no spoilers allowed.



I watched the first season of Gotham earlier this year. It took me a little while to get into but by the time it ended, I was desperate for more. Season 2 is now on Netflix and I am hooked. I’m about half way through the season and can’t wait to watch the rest of it and onto season 3. I’m a massive Batman fan so this is right up my street when it comes to television shows.


Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf has been on my to-watch list for about two years now. It’s a television show about the supernatural beings known as werewolves. What isn’t there to love about that idea? I’ve seen the first couple of episodes and can’t wait to watch more; I already feel that I will become obsessed with this show.


The Walking Dead

My best friend Joey has gone on and on and on and on and on (you get the point) about how good this show is. She is obsessed with this show and has been badgering me for ages to watch it. So, I’ve bitten the bullet and said that I will start to watch this show with her from the beginning. Hopefully, the whole zombie thing won’t put me off and I’ll enjoy it as much as she does.


The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

Seeing as it’s October, this one is a given. It is my tradition, every October, that I shall watch every episode of Treehouse of Horror in time for the new one being released. I love the Simpsons and always have and I believe I will continue loving it till it eventually ends.


This blog post is pretty short, but there’s only so much time I have in a day and during this upcoming month to dedicate to watching television shows. I know that Teen Wolf and Walking Dead will take a couple of months to catch up on, but I don’t mind that.

Have you seen any of these shows? Which one was your favourite? Leave a comment down below!

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2 thoughts on “#Blogoween Day 6: What I Am Watching This October!

  1. The Walking Dead is literally the only one of these I’ve seen! I kind of lost interest the past series or so, so really need to catch up on it.
    Gotham has been recommended to me before and it sounds quite interesting so I may give that a look eventually too.



    1. My housemate won’t shut up about the Walking Dead, it’s like her favourite programme so I’ll give it a go 🙂 Gotham is great! Season 2 is better than th 1st so it’s worth persevering! xx


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