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#Blogoween Day Nine: My Thoughts on ‘Inside the Haunted House of Disneyland Paris’ by LiveFastDiePoor

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I love watching YouTube videos on Disneyland Paris. I enjoy watching people’s vlogs of their trips, montage videos and videos that talk about all things Disneyland Paris. It was through this love of watching Disney videos that I cam across a series by a channel called Live Fast Die Poor. This video is all about Phantom Manor; my favourite ride in Disneyland Paris.

It’s always wonderful to see those who are not from Europe, visiting my favourite place and saying positive things about it; especially about one of my favourite rides as well. With that, I wanted to give my full thoughts on the video.


This is the video I shall be talking about:

I fully understand why Phantom Manor was a popular request.

I agree that it is the coolest, creepiest and most unique attraction in Disneyland Paris (minus the trackless Ratatouille which blew my mind, but that’s another blog post). I adore how Phantom Manor looks so different to other Haunted Mansion style attractions across the parks.

I love the story of Thunder Mesa and Ravenswood and I think it’s fantastic we get our own unique story line for our attraction. I love how Justin finds it interesting too and tells the story for those who do not know it. Occasionally, the story gets lost in translation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.

I really wish they’d kept Vincent Price’s voice over and not just parts of his laugh; although I do love the lift and the stretching portraits.

Okay, the fact he keeps calling it THE Phantom Manor when it’s just Phantom Manor is the smallest of pet peeves, but it’s still there.

I’ve never been on the Haunted Mansion, but I do like the fact our Phantom Manor is quite dark. We all know I enjoy the dark and macabre so Phantom Manor is the perfect ride for me.

Justin suffered what a lot of us suffered when it comes to the missing Phantoms. As far as I’m aware, this has now been fixed and the Phantoms have returned.

I also understand his frustration at the majority of Thunder Mesa being closed. I miss Big Thunder Mountain and Boot Hill Cemetary.

I see the resemblance between the Hat Box Ghost and our ticket seller ghost! Perhaps what Justin says is true and the faces have the same model?

So the Dream Finder died and found himself in Phantom Manor? Don’t hate me but I have zero idea who the Dream Finder is. Is it a Walt Disney World thing? or an original Disneyland thing?

Have you ever been on Phantom Manor? Did you like it? If you haven’t been on it, do you want to?

Leave a comment down below!

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2 thoughts on “#Blogoween Day Nine: My Thoughts on ‘Inside the Haunted House of Disneyland Paris’ by LiveFastDiePoor

  1. I try to steer clear of videos like this because I have come across far too many from people just complaining and pretty much slating DLP and it gets me angry haha. So it’s nice that there are exceptions. Frontierland on a whole is my favorite purely because of Phantom Manor and the River Boat. It’s traditionally my first ride to go on when we arrive at the park and I can’t wait to get on it again in 51 days!



    1. I hate the types of videos where people slag off DLP or just get all of their information incorrect! Justin did a fab job and seemed to love the ride! I love Phantom Manor and can’t wait to go on it at Halloween 🙂 xx


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