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#Blogoween Day 13: My Favourite Buffy Episodes!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I grew up watching this show and it means a great deal to me. It cheers me up when I am sad and it’s one of those shows that I could happily watch over and over and over and I would never tire of it.

Over the seven years that Buffy graced our television screens, there were some pretty awesome episodes. Some, I adore more than others, for many different reasons.

For day 13 of Blogoween, I thought I would share with you my favourite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from all even seasons! This is going to be a long one so I suggest you get comfortable!

If you haven’t seen Buffy before or are only so far through the seasons, then this blog post may contain spoilers. You have been warned.


Season One

1. The Pack

The Pack is the sixth episode from season one. In this episode, Xander is possessed with the spirit of a Hyena during a school trip to the zoo. Consequently, he begins to act like a hyena. He starts to befriend the troublemaker students of Sunnydale High who were also possessed.

It was nice to see Xander act less of his goofy self and take on a different personality. When watching shows like this, I always have a thing and a soft spot for the bad guy. I don’t don’t even know why.


2. Angel

I love this episode purely because it’s the one where we finally find out who Angel is. We get to see him with his top off. Do I need to say more? Yes? Okay.

In this episode, Buffy finds out that Angel is a vampire and has to battle between the feelings she has for him and the fact she has a duty to the world. Angels sire, Darla, tries to put a wedge between Buffy and Angel by biting Buffy’s mother and blaming it on Angel. It doesn’t work and eventually, Angel gets his own back.


3. The Puppet Show

This was the first ever episode of Buffy I remember seeing so it has a very dear place in my heart. In this episode, there are a bunch of demons called The Seven who need to feast upon healthy brains and hearts in order to keep up their human appearance. It is during the yearly Sunnydale High talent show that the demons strike. One performer, whose act is ventriloquism, owns a dummy called Sid, who is possessed by the spirit of the demon hunter. He must kill all the demons in order to free his spirit from the dummy and be allowed to rest in peace.


4. Nightmares

My final favourite episode from the first season of Buffy. I know, there’s been a few. This episode however was different. This episode showed the Scooby Gang having to face their fears. For example, Buffy fears becoming a vampire and Giles fears of her dying. Willow has stage fright and Xander hates clowns. This is all brought about by a boy called Billy who is in a coma. Billy was beaten by his little league coach and his fears manifested into something that effected the whole town.

It was fun to see that we all have fears but we need to be brave enough to face them.


Season Two

1. School Hard

School Hard is the episode where we were introduced to Spike and Drusilla; two of my favourite ever Buffyverse villains. After the events of The Pack, Sunnydale High gained a new Principal. This Principal hates Buffy and knows what a troublemaker she can be. He gives her the job of planning Parent/Teacher night and it has to be a success or she will be expelled.

Everything is going relatively to plan when Spike and his gang burst in, looking to kill the slayer. Naturally, Spike is beaten back by Buffy and vows to try again until he kills her. This paves the way for the rest of the happenings in season two.


2. What’s My Line

This episode comes in two parts; two episodes if you will, however you can’t have one without the other. These episodes introduce Kendra and explains the lore of how slayers are called upon and given their powers. It is in these episodes that Spike is planing a ritual, using Angel, to help Drusilla gain her strength back. The Order of Taraka are also sent to try and kill Buffy, in order to distract her from Spikes plan.

Kendra, Buffy and the Scooby Gang save Angel, but it’s too late; Drusilla is strong again with Spike having taken her place as the weak one that needs help.


3. Surprise/Innocence

Again, another two-parter episode but you can’t have one without the other. in these episodes, it’s Buffy’s birthday. Spike and Drusilla have brought about The Judge to kill Buffy. Buffy and Angel sleep together for the first time which causes him to lose his soul and become the evil Angelus; hence why I love the latter episode so much. Oh and also, Buffy with a rocket launcher. Enough said.

4. Becoming

This was the third, two-parter episode of season two. This was the season finale. This episode broke my young Buffy heart and still does to this day. Every time I watch Becoming Part 2, I cry. I just can’t get through it without.


Season Three

1. Band Candy

Every childs worst nightmare; seeing their parents or adult figures in their life act like teenagers. In this episode, Ethan Rayne manages to get the students of Sunnydale High to sell his tainted candy bars. These candy bars are tainted with magic turning all adults into their teenage selves. This is so vampires can steal unattended new borns to feed to a demon called Lurconis in the sewers below the town.

I really like teenage Giles in this. You go Anthony Head!


2. The Wish

This is definitely near the top of my all time favourite episodes of Buffy. It is set in an alternative universe; if Buffy had never come to Sunnydale. It involves vampire Xander and Willow, The Master is still alive and there is now a factory in order for vampires to get more blood, quicker. This episode also introduced Anya.


3. Bad Girls/Consequences

The first two-parter of season three. This episode is the beginning of Faiths spiral downwards – into becoming a dark slayer, straying from her true destiny. Buffy gets sucked into this behaviour briefly, however manages to find her way back to being her usual true-hearted self.


4. Graduation 

The season finale and second two-parter of season three. This is the episode where the Scooby Gang defeat the big boss. Buffy also saves Angel’s life and almost kills Faith in the process. The ending of  season three is one of my favourite season endings to a show, ever!


Season Four

1. Fear Itself

This was the Halloween episode of season four. The Scooby’s are invited to a college party in a frat house that has been decorated to resemble a spooky, haunted house. The frat boys accidentally summon Gaknar the fear demon and so, again, the Scooby’s must face their worst fears and make their way up to the attic of the house in order to defeat the demon. The ending to this episode is actually quite hilarious.


2. Hush

This episode. This episode. My god this episode. This is the creepiest episode ever hands down. About 90% is in absolute silence with these creepy floating demons that suck out your soul – this is after they have stolen the voices of everyone in Sunnydale, so you cannot scream for help. I cannot explain how fantastic this episode is!


3. Who Are You?

This episode shows Faith taking over Buffys body through a soul switch. Faith is still angry and has a dark soul and so, as you can imagine, things take a very strange turn where no one quite believes what is going on. Buffy is acting weirdly, Faith is acting nice to everyone. I do love an episode where the characters act differently to how they normally would.


 Season Five

1. Buffy vs Dracula

Okay, this one is a bit of a silly episode but I loved it non the less. Why wouldn’t the vampire slayer come across Dracula at some point? Xander in this episode is hilarious; Dracula’s spider eating man bitch as he refers to himself. Brilliant. This is the episode where we are introduced to Dawn. Sigh, here we go.


2. Crush

I like this episode purely because Drusilla comes back. It is in this episode that Buffy finds out about Spike’s feelings for her, which have grown throughout the series. It’s not the best of episodes, or the best of seasons, but Drusilla is my girl.


4. The Body

This episode is heart breaking. Absolutely heart breaking but, it’s a very good episode. It shows the characters dealing with emotions they never realised they could feel. It shows them going through scenarios they’ve not really had to deal with. Even writing this now is making me remember seeing this episode for the first time and crying my eyes out.


4. The Gift

The season finale was a big one. Buffy and the Scooby Gang finally defeated Glory and saved the world, again. Buffy has one of the best monologues I’ve ever heard in a television show. You relate to it, especially as you get older and realise how tough life can be. I love this ending; it’s one of my favourite big bads and one of my favourite season finales.


Season Six

1. Once More, With Feeling

A musical episode. What more do I need to say? Xander summons a demon tat makes everyone in the town sing … and then dance until they burn to death. Still, there’s some extremely catchy songs in this. Spike sings about how he wants Buffy to leave him alone. Tara sings about her love for Willow but knows she has to leave because of her magic abuse. Buffy reveals she was in heaven after the end of season five and that her friends pulled her out of it. All in all, a successful day in Sunnydale.


2. Tabula Rasa

Another episodes where the characters take on different personalities. This time, it’s due to Willows use of magic backfiring, causing everyone to lose their memories. The episode follows them as they find new identities and try to continue on as best as they can with their lives, with some hilarious and scary consequences.


3. Villains

The aftermath of Tara’s death sends Willow into scary dark haired and veiny Willow. She goes after Warren to get revenge, and boy does she get revenge. Willow was a good big-bad villain for the end of season six. It was different to see the big-bad being one of the Scooby Gang and not an outside force.


Season Seven

1. Storyteller 

Season seven is probably my least favourite season and the one with the least amount of episodes I consider my favourites. One episode I do like though, is the episode called Storyteller. It’s very tongue and cheek and silly, but given the dark undertones of the entire season, it was needed.


2. Chosen

Even after so many years, I’m still unsure if I’m 100% happy with how this ended and with who got left behind, but I think, if anything was going to end the series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it would have been to fully destroy the hellmouth.


Are any of your favourite Buffy episodes in this blog post? Did I miss out any episodes you love? Leave me a comment below!

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14 thoughts on “#Blogoween Day 13: My Favourite Buffy Episodes!

    1. I miss them too! Ooh, my favourites of Buffy are 2 & 3, I can’t choose between those! As for Angel, I actually liked the 5th season (& I loved the puppet episode, I know, unpopular opinion) 🙂

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      1. Angel season four with Connor and Cordelia really creeped me out, and that’s saying something considering some of the gross evil things that are a part of this universe 🙂

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  1. LOVE THIS 💜 We share so many favourites. I was gonna write a similar post a little while ago of my face episodes but let’s be honest, my countdown would just be every single Drusilla or Spike centric episodes haha, like yourself I just love them so much! 💀


    1. Oh my gosh you should do it! I’d love to see your other favourite episodes! I think, Spike & Drusilla & Angel were my favourite big bad, followed by the Mayor. Those were just fantastic villains! <33

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Puppet Show was one of my least favourite episodes. I hate puppets and ventriloquist dummies (I find them really creepy) so that episode was horrible for me to watch. I also need to get back into watching Buffy because I never got that far ahead – I think it might have been up to the end of season 2 or 3. I got a little fed up with it when I realised that the Buffy/Angel relationship was far too similar to that of Phoebe and Cole in Charmed, and I only wanted to experience watching that play out once.


    1. After series 3, Buffy wasn’t brilliant but I still love it and each season had it’s good moments. I fully understand the puppet thing as I don’t like porcelain dolls for the same reason 🙂 I love Charmed too but Buffy & Angel were my first ever OTP 🙂 x

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