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#Blogoween Day 22: My Nightmare Before Christmas Collection!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I adore Nightmare Before Christmas and even more so, the pumpkin king himself, Jack Skellington. I have started to grow quite a collection in the past few months of Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack related items. Although my collection is not as big as others or as big as I may wish it to be, I am proud of my growing collection.

This blog post is in no way bragging about how much I own. I just wish to share the lovely items I have.


The above are from Disneyland Paris. A tin of hard boiled sweets. Once the sweets are gone, I’ll use it to store bits and bobs. This mug is hopefully going to be the first of a growing collection of Jack Skellington mugs. This snowglobe is so cute; it was a Birthday present from my mam.

Another few items from Disneyland Paris. I am so excited that it is autumn so I can start to wear this scarf daily. A Jack pin and lanyard to add to my ever growing pin collection. The shot glass was another birthday present off my Mam.

The final couple of items from Disneyland Paris; more pins to add to my collection. There’s also this adorable fluffy Zero toy I got form one of the shopping carts in Frontierland. I’m hoping to get some more Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas related pins, and merchandise in general, when I go back to Disneyland Paris in just over a weeks time.


These Tsum Tsums I bought recently in Clintons. I missed the Nightmare Before Christmas release from The Disney Store last year so when I saw these in Clintons, I had to have them.


The above postcard I got from a friends etsy shop. It’s from a shop called It’s Lizi. You can find the link to their etsy shop here and their instagram here.


This is the first Funko Pop I bought and I got it Forbidden Planet in Manchester. I’ve seen so many more Jack Skellington Funko Pops that I want to add to my little collection.

As previously mentioned, my collection is small for now but I hope it will grow in the future.

Do you collect Nightmare Before Christmas things? Do you collect something else? Pop a comment down below.

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