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#Blogoween Day 25: My Top 5 Batman Villains!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Something that I love, is the comic universe. I don’t talk about it on here as often as I should, especially now that Disney have rights within the Marvel universe. However, today is not about Marvel, today is about DC; the universe of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Today, I want to share my top 5 Batman Villains. I decided on Batman purely because that side of the DC Universe is my favourite. I love Gotham City. Some of my choices might surprise you. Some might be more obvious.


5. Catwoman

Catwoman is a fantastic villain (not including the Halle Berry movie in this one, sorry guys). I love her sassy-ness, I lover her relationship with Batman and Bruce as Selina Kyle. I’m glad they brought her into Arkham City and I’m even happier you get to play content as her.

4. The Riddler

My first impression of the Riddler was Jim Carey, which is why I think I love this character so much. I also love that he plays such a big part in the Arkham series with collectables and riddles throughout the game. I also enjoy the performance of The Riddler in Gotham by Corey Michael Smith.

3. Joker

Okay, this one is really cliche and obvious, but I do love the Joker as a villain. I’ve loved him since the Animated series. Mark Hamill has the best voice for the Joker and I’m so happy he came back for the Arkham series. Heath Ledger also did a fantastic performance as the Joker in Dark Knight.

2. Harley Quinn

Harley seems to be everybody’s favourite at the moment thanks to the Suicide Squad movie. I did enjoy Margot Robbies performance as Ms Quinn, however, I’ve loved Harley since the Animated Series in her cookie little red and black cat suit. I just think Harley is adorable in the 90s cartoons.

Honourable Mentions

Before I reveal my number one DC villain, let’s see some honourable mentions:

Mr Freeze, The Penguin, Scarecrow, Two Face

1. Poison Ivy

Ans the number one spot goes to: Poison Ivy! Poison Ivy has been my favourite since I watched Batman The Animated Series. I love that she’s all about nature and saving the planet. I love that she’s sassy. I’ve loved her even more since playing the Arkham series. I also loved Ivy’s relationship with Harley, it was just so adorable.

Who are your favourite Batman Villains? Do they appear in my top 5? Leave your favourites in the comments below.

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