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#Blogoween Day 29: A Review of Necrofusion by Zak Bagans vs Praga Khan!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As you know from a couple of previous posts I have made on this blog, I am a huge fan of Ghost Adventures. You will also know this if you follow me on Twitter.

Zak Bagans, the lead investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew, has gone onto many side ventures whilst not filing his television series. He has written books and has even put together an album. That album is called Necrofusion and today, I shall be reviewing it song by song.

I’ve listened to a couple of the songs previously however, that was some time ago. So, bring on the review!


1. In My Dungeon

My first impression is that this isn’t perhaps the first genre of music I would jump to, however, once the guitars kick in I’m pleasantly surprised. I like how it takes clips of Zak from Ghost Adventures and incorporates them into the song. It’s got a catchy rhythm to it and I can feel my head bopping along with it. This track reminds me a lot of Pendulum and I used to love Pendulum.

2. Good or Evil

I love how eerie the start of this song is. This is quite a bit slower and more gentle than the first song.Again I like the use of sound bites from episodes of Ghost Adventures. I don’t like this one as much as the first song on the album, but it’s a nice track.

3. Poor Pearl (feat Bobby Mackey)

Gotta love Bob Mackey! The episodes at his bar are definitely my favourite Ghost Adventures episodes. Also, who doesn’t secretly love a bit country? This song is based on the story of Pearl Bryan who was beheaded by her boyfriend Scott Jackson in a suspected dark magic ritual. This song got really dubsteppy all of a sudden. I’m really not the biggest fan of the new dubstep sound that’s so popular. I much prefer the country parts of this song. The two styles of music don’t mix at all.

4. Immortal Portal

Ooh, the spirit box; I love the spirit box. I like he amount of sound clips in this song. It’s got a catchy beat to it and it’s another song I’m bopping along too. It’s rather repetitive in sound but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I could happily have this song on in the background whilst blog writing.

5. Sing For Me

Pretty morbid start but it’s Zak Bagans so why wouldn’t it be? It has an interesting synthy start to it that sounds pretty cool. Asking ghosts what they want to sing about? That could open so many doors! Ahhh, the use of EVPs in a song is so cool! Not my favourite song but such a cool idea!

6. Dead Awaiting

This song is very eeries and pretty sounding. Something you could possibly hear in a horror film, near the beginning when the character is walking alone through a park or down the street. Ooh, we hit the demonic attachment side of the album, okay. What happens when we die is a pretty deep question to ask in a song, don’t you think? Although I suppose it’s Zak asking spirits to tell us what is waiting for us on the other side.

7. They Are Talking

Another creepy start to a song on this album; this is a recurring theme. Now there’s a creepy voice; is it clips of Zak being played backwards? Like those videos on YouTube of metal songs played backwards, supposedly containing demonic lyrics? This song is weird, there’s been no real structure so far? Unless this first section is a verse and there’s a chorus yet to come? Nope, still no chorus. There’s a pretty sounding instrumental though. Yep, not keen on this song, purely because to me it sounds like one big instrumental punch to the face.

8. Demonator

The final song on the album. A heavier, rockier start to the song than the others. Sounds almost Ozzy Osbourne-ish. Then comes the dubstep; why does Zak like his dubstep so much? I can’t be doing with it, sorry Zak, have had to turn this song off. And it started off so well!

Overall, I like this album. Like most albums, there are good songs and bad songs. For me personally, the good songs are amazing and the bad songs, are still okay in the grand scheme of things. The bad songs in their own right have good bits and bad bits. I’m super disappointed that the Poor Pearl song wasn’t more country and rock and less dubstep nonsense. Ah well.

What did you guys think? What was your favourite song? Leave a comment below!

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