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#Blogoween Day 30: A Disneyland Paris Halloween Bucket List!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

The day is upon is. By the time you read this, I will be in Disneyland Paris, surrounded by friends and everything spooky and Disney. I have been waiting to visit Disneyland Paris at Halloween for so many years now and I’m so happy I finally get to do it. I’m going with y best friend Joey, aka Slytherin Mermaid.

As I’ve been waiting a while to visit Disneyland Paris at this time of year, I’ve gathered a list of things I really want to do. Due to 2016 closures, some cannot happen this year however, I am going to include them in my bucket list any way as I hope to do them at some point!


  1. Meet Jack Skellington.
  2. Ride Phantom Manor on Halloween
  3. Buy a Poison Apple mug
  4. Try the Halloween sweet treats
  5. Meet all the Villains
  6. Watch the Cavalcade
  7. Go to the Soiree
  8. Meet all of my Disney friends
  9. Ride Big Thunder Mountain in the dark
  10. Dress up for the Soiree
  11. Disneybound at least once on my trip
  12. Watch the ‘Its Good To Be Bad’ show
  13. Get selfies with all my Disney friends
  14. Have drinks in the Disney Village
  15. Get photos of all the pumpkin and ghost people
  16. Watch Dreams every night
  17. Add to my Jack Skellington collection
  18. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean with my friend Nikki
  19. Have a glowtini
  20. Ride every rollercoaster
  21. Have drinks in the Disney Village
  22. Ride Ratatouille again
  23. Watch Mickey and the Magician
  24. Ride Phantom Manor every day
  25. Go into the Princess Pavillion
  26. Meet as many Princesses as I can
  27. Try and go on every ride
  28. Have drinks in the hotel bars
  29. Visit each hotel
  30. Vlog the entire trip

There is so much more I want to do in Disneyland Paris on my latest trip, but for now, I’ll go with these

What’s on your Disneyland Paris Halloween bucket list? Or your next trip? Leave them in the comments below!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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