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WDW vs DLP Comparing Vegetarian Options At Disney Parks!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It has been a while, and I apologise for that. After blogtober/blogoween I took a little break to collect my creativity and to make sure I was giving you the best possible content!

I make my return with a collaboration. I am collaborating with my friend Kim from Tea Is A Wish to compare Vegetarian options in the two Disney parks we have or will be visiting.

I have visited Disneyland Paris a number of times, however, only twice as a Vegetarian. This meant that I had to do a lot of research in order to find out what I could or couldn’t eat. From this, I noticed there is very little online with regards to Vegetarian food in Disneyland Paris. From my visits, I know that the majority, if not all, of the restaurants in Disneyland Paris cater for vegetarians. I will admit that in some this means a salad, however, a few are more adventurous than this.

Whilst Kim has discussed the WDW side of Vegetarian eating (click here to visit her blog post), I will be discussing the Disneyland Paris side of Vegetarian eating as that is my home park.


In both posts, we will be discussing both quick service and table service restaurants. We’ll each do 2 quick/counter service restaurants and 3 table service restaurants. When it comes to Disneyland Paris, there are very few table service restaurants I have dined in. However, I am more than happy to share the restaurants I wish to dine in, in the future.

So, let’s get to the vegetarianism!

Quick/Counter Service

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost: Adventureland, Parc Disneyland

I love the theming of this restaurant and have ate in it both time since visiting Disneyland Paris as a vegetarian. This quick/counter service restaurant has two vegetarian options. The first is Neapolitan rigatoni which comes on the cheapest meal deal option. It is a tomato pasta dish. The second, is a three cheese pizza that comes on the more expensive meal deal option. Both of these options come with garlic bread or a salad and  drink.

Restaurant En Coulisse: Front Lot, Walt Disney Studios

Restaurant En Coulisse is in the Front Lot of Walt Disney Studios. I have eaten there once since becoming a vegetarian and I believed I would have to order everything a la carte and spend a little bit more money. However, they are willing to take the angus cheeseburger off menu 3 and replace it with a veggie burger. I think this service is fantastic as a few of the restaurants from what I can see, expect you to buy your vegetarian options separate. The veggie burger in Disneyland Paris is actually quite nice; and I’ve had a lot of vile veggie burgers in the last 10 months.

Table Service

Annettes Diner: Disney Village

Okay, this one is slightly cheating because it’s in the Disney Village, however, it is one I have eaten at. Annette’ Diner is a fifties themed roller skating restaurant. The vegetarian options include The New Veggie Burger. This burger consists of panko breaded tofu, portobello mushrooms, aubergine, courgette, tomato confit, avolcado, galic pickles, peppers, pesto and rocket. It is served with wasabi sauce and coleslaw. When I ordered it, I asked for no wasabi as I am not a fan of it. If I were to order it again, I would also ask for no tofu as no matter how many times I try it, I simply cannot stand it. The texture makes me queasy. As a burger I have tried, I can fully vouch for this one.

Walt’s – An American Restaurant: Main Street USA, Parc Disneyland

Whilst looking through the menu for the restaurant that is on the top of my wishlist, I found it hard to find the vegetarian option for the main meal. Starters wise, we have one choice, which is a salad. A salad made up of roast vegetables and lightly spiced cauliflower. The hard to find main I was talking about, is under the Fish dishes section of the menu. I am not entirely sure why, but there were are. It is a pasta dish with porcini sauce and baby vegetables. It is the only main on Walt’s menu that has the green V next to it unfortunately.

Bistro Chez Rèmy: Ratatouille Area, Walt Disney Studios

Another restaurant that is very high on my wish list. In Bistro Chez Rèmy, there are a few menus to choose from when making your reservation/order. On the Remy/Emile menu, the starter is of course a salad. The main is tofu, white bean and vegetable casserole. As mentioned above, I would ask if it were possible to not include tofu in my dish due to the fact I hate it. On the Linguini/Gusteau menu, there is the option of savoury vegetable ratatouille.

Walt’s and Bistro Chez Rèmy are on the top end of the price scale, that’s why they are on my wish list and why I have never eaten at them.

For more menu’s and vegetarian options, I highly suggest the DLP Guide website. They have updates menus for a lot of the restaurants. Click here to go to their restaurant menu’s home page.

Have you eaten in any of the above restaurants? Are you a vegetarian and are thankful for more information on what to eat in the parks? If You want to know more about vegetarian options in Walt Disney World, then don’t forget to visit Kims blog post here.

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5 thoughts on “WDW vs DLP Comparing Vegetarian Options At Disney Parks!

  1. Great idea – and you’re brave being veggie when you don’t like tofu! I’m in love with the tofu, white bean and vegetable casserole from Bistrot Chez Remy, but it’s very simple for the price. I do recommend the whole experience though!


    1. There’s plenty of options in every day life for vegetarian alternatives; there’s not just tofu 🙂 I haven’t eaten in Bistro Chez Remy yet but it’s definitely on my list! 🙂


  2. This is a handy post, thank you! I always find with places like Disneyland that there’s not many veggie options. I went to Disneyland California and, at the restaurant we dined in, all they had for vegetarians was a veggie burger so it’s good to know the parks in other places have better options.


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