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#Blogmas Day 7: 100 Things To Do In Winter!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Winter is a wonderful month; so many different things to do that summer does not offer. Following on from my 100 Things To Do In Autumn post back in October, I thought I would write a list of things you can do in Winter.


  1. Go to a German Market
  2. Watch the Polar Express.
  3. Have a snowball fight.
  4. Pull crackers
  5. Decorate a Christmas tree.
  6. Make paper snowflakes.
  7. Go Sledding
  8. Make a snow angel
  9. Watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
  10. Drink hot chocolate
  11. Toast (vegetarian) marshmallows.
  12. Go ice skating.
  13. Watch Christmas with the Kranks
  14. Wrap yourself in a cute hat, scarf and gloves
  15. Create a Christmas wreath.
  16. Buy Christmas candles
  17. Build a snowman
  18. Watch Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
  19. Wear warm, fluffy pyjamas.
  20. Make a gingerbread house
  21. Make a Christmas playlist
  22. Read a Christmas themed book.
  23. Go Caroling
  24. Watch Christmas Movies
  25. Bake some Christmas/Winter cookies
  26. Wear fluffy socks.
  27. Paint a winter scene.
  28. Go to a Christmas light switch on.
  29. Buy Christmas presents.
  30. Watch Love Actually
  31. Donate to the shoebox appeal for Operation Christmas Child.
  32. Go on a Winter scavenger hunt.
  33. Watch Home Alone
  34. Eat something from a Christmas menu in a restaurant.
  35. Take a walk by an icy river.
  36. Take a lovely hot bath to take away the chill.
  37. Watch your favourite television series.
  38. Make peppermint bark.
  39. Wear a Christmas jumper.
  40. Wrap presents in pretty Christmas paper.
  41. Make your own Christmas ornaments.
  42. Watch Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas.
  43. Go look at Christmas decorations in different stores.
  44. Go on a carriage ride.
  45. Eat a candy cane.
  46. Watch Muppets Christmas Carol
  47. Organise a secret Santa with your friends.
  48. Send Christmas cards.
  49. Wear a pair of Christmas earrings.
  50. Have an indoor snowball fight with socks.
  51. Make a cheeseboard
  52. Play hot potato with an ice cube.
  53. Drink eggnog.
  54. Wrap up and go for a nature walk.
  55. Make Christmas soap.
  56. Watch A Christmas Carol.
  57. Wear a Christmas Jumper.
  58. Feed the birds.
  59. Have a tea party on your front room.
  60. Have chocolate fondue.
  61. Wear a pair of reindeer antlers.
  62. Make reindeer food.
  63. Watch Nightmare Before Christmas.
  64. Wear a dark shade of lipstick.
  65. Try a Christmas cocktail.
  66. Drive down streets in December and spot Christmas trees & lights.
  67. Visit Santa in a shopping centre.
  68. Read Twas The Night Before Christmas
  69. Watch a musical with popcorn.
  70. Watch The Holiday
  71. Make your own Christmas cards
  72. Write a letter to Santa.
  73. Build a blanket fort.
  74. Watch Elf
  75. Decorate your house.
  76. Watch A Miracle on 34th Street
  77. Wear a Santa hat.
  78. Crochet a scarf or hat.
  79. Light candles on the Hanukkiyah.
  80. Make winter vegetable soup and eat with crusty bread.
  81. Get Christmas photos.
  82. Play a Christmas video game.
  83. Donate old clothes and unwanted items to charity.
  84. Make fudge.
  85. Complete a fun DIY project.
  86. Follow NORAD Santa on social media ready for Christmas Eve.
  87. Watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
  88. Buy an advent calendar and open a door each day.
  89. Go to a hockey game.
  90. Make a Christingle.
  91. Get cozy by a fire.
  92. Listen to the 12 Days of Christmas.
  93. Kiss someone under the mistletoe.
  94. Watch a Nativity play.
  95. Make a popcorn garland.
  96. Buy a Christmas LUSH product.
  97. Play board games with your family or friends.
  98. Go to an open mic night.
  99. Have a picnic on the living room floor.
  100. Watch The Santa Clause

Can you think of anything else to do during Winter and the run up to Christmas?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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