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#Blogmas Day 15:Christmas Dinner As A Vegetarian!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Like most new vegetarians, I wondered what I could eat for Christmas dinner. My family have been thinking the exact same thing. Luckily for me, my family are being very supportive with my decision to stop eating met.

I thought, for those who may be struggling with ideas or who feel like they need to convince their family that Christmas Day is not ruined purely because they no longer eat meat, that I would write a blog post giving you ideas of what you can eat or what the family can make.


Vegetables are a sure bet when it comes to Christmas dinner. Pile them up and fill yourself on those yummy vegetables.


This one is easy. Around Christmas time (or it could be all year, I’ve just never seen these in stores by me), Quorn release a family roast. I’ve not tried this yet so can’t vouch for it 100% but I’m looking forward to trying it this year.


Pigs in Blankets

I don’t really know what to call these now. Is pigs in blankets cruel? I don’t know. Either ways, you can make your own by using Quorn sausages and Quorn bacon strips.

Roast Potatoes

If you are making your own, then you will know they are vegetarian. However, if you are buying, you will need to avoid any that are cooked in goose fat. Look for the green V and then they’re a sure bet suitable for vegetarians.


Yorkshire Puddings

Again, when making your own at home you can guarantee they’re suitable for vegetarians. When buying pre-made, always look for the green V. We can assume that something such as Yorkshire Puddings would be animal product free, but you can never be too careful.



Stuffing is another where you will need to check the label, however, there are plenty of brands who sell vegetarian friendly stuffing.



Avoid Chicken/Beef gravy granules as they tend to have animal product in them. Onion Gravy’s, Vegetable stock and the below Bisto kind are all suitable for vegetarians.



For me personally, this is what I thought I was going to miss out on. Jellies usually contain Gelatin which is made from all the parts of an animal not suitable for use in meat products. However, Birds trifle is suitable for vegetarians as they use carrageenan instead of gelatin. I’m so excited about this as this is the brand my family have used for years.

Christmas Pudding

When it comes to Christmas Pudding, it’s better to look for the green V. Some are suitable for us to eat and some contain animal products.


It’s pretty easy these days to have a Christmas dinner as a Vegetarian. We can also eat and be merry over the festive period, without the animal cruelty.

Have you had a vegetarian Christmas before? Leave a comment down below.

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2 thoughts on “#Blogmas Day 15:Christmas Dinner As A Vegetarian!

  1. Loved reading this post it was actually really eye opening! Even though I’ve been a vegetarian for just over three years there always so much stress around Christmas trying to find out what I can actually eat! Thank you so much for this post it will be a big help 💖


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