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100 Facts About Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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Welcome to the first themed week of 2017. As you’ve probably guessed from the title, the first theme of 2017 is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White, although the first feature length animated film that came out of Walt Disney Studios, is not one of my favourite Disney films. I don’t hate it by any means, I mean, it’s a Disney movie, whats not to love?

But enough of what I think about the film, it’s time to share some interesting facts about this film!

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  1. Snow White is the first Disney Princess, the first main character and the first heroine of Disney’s animated features
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in December of 1937.
  3. It was the first feature length animated film to come out of the United States.
  4. Snow White was the first film to be released in Technicolour.
  5. The film was originally released by RKO Radio Pictures.
  6. Snow White is the only Caucasian Disney Princess to have black hair and brown eyes
  7. Snow White is the youngest Princess at only 14 years old
  8. She is also the shortest.
  9. Ironically, she is the oldest Disney Princess in terms of film debut
  10. Development for Snow White began in 1934.
  11. Walt Disney came up with the idea of doing a Snow White retelling when he was 15.
  12. On June 28th 1987, Snow White was awarded with a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame
  13. Snow White makes a cameo appearance in Aladdin and the King of Thieves when Genie turns Jasmine into Snow White
  14. To achieve a natural skin tone for Snow White, real rouge and other make-up was applied onto the cell.
  15. To share his vision of the story, Walt acted out every part to his team of animators.
  16. 750 artists drew over 2 million sketches before the movie was even completed.
  17. The film contained 250,000 separate pictures.
  18. The development designs for Snow White ranged from cartoony to more realistic
  19. The final colours of Snow Whites dress had gone through several changes before the current blue and gold colours were settled upon.
  20. Snow Whites design was supervised by Grim Natwick, an animator who had previously developed and worked on Betty Boop
  21. Snow Whites character was ultimately designed to be older and more realistic looking
  22. The ink and paint women felt that Snow White’s black hair was too unnatural and harsh so dry brushed whisps or light grey over the top of each cell.
  23. Some of Snow White’s dance moved were infamously reused for that of maid Marian’s in Robin Hood
  24. Snow White’s birthday is March 6th
  25. Older promotional media incorrectly portray the colour of Snow White’s dress as pink and purple instead of red, blue and yellow.
  26. Snow White’s design was actually based on that of the Cookie Girl’s from Cookie Carnival
  27. In the film, Snow White wears tan tights whereas in the books her legs are bare.
  28. Snow Whites design was influenced by both the heroin of traditional European romantic fairytales and the popular Hollywood heroine.
  29. Early designs show Snow White with blonde hair.
  30. Eugene Grasset’s depiction of the goddess of spring in Le Printemps is seen as an influence for this.
  31. Early designs of Snow White also show her resembling Betty Boop
  32. Some even seem to be caricatures of actresses famous at the time, like Zasu Pits.
  33. Hamilton Luske’s first design of Snow White had her as an awkward gangly teenager.
  34. Marge Champion performed live-action references for the animation of Snow White.
  35. When it was decided that Snow White would have a bigger head than normal, Bell wore a football helmet in order to make her head look larger.
  36. Bell found it difficult to perform with the helmet on and so it was removed after five minutes.
  37. It took almost two years to get the final designs for the dwarfs.
  38. The scene where Snow White kisses Grumpy, followed by Grumpy’s reaction was inspired by a sketch by Albert Hurter.
  39. As is the scene where Snow Whites lies in bed after being poisoned, surrounded by the weeping dwarfs.
  40. Walt suggested that in the scene where a poisoned Snow White lies in bed, that there should be a light that appears to shine from her.
  41. For the same scene, Dick Creedon suggested that the rain outside of the cottage could be used to suggest tears.
  42. Snow White is hard-working despite having her previous servant life forced upon her.
  43. Snow White makes a cameo appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit as she helps the disguised queen cross the street.
  44. In The Lion King 1½, Snow White makes a silhouetted cameo at the end of the film with the dwarfs, having one line; ‘Oh, excuse me!’
  45. Snow White appears in the animated short Electric Holiday as one of Minnie’s fashion show models.
  46. Originally the film was budgeted at $250,000
  47. By the end of production it had ballooned to $1.5million, forcing Walt to mortgage his house.
  48. Lillian Disney thought the movie would bomb.
  49. Snow White was nicknamed ‘Walt’s Folley’ by Hollywood.
  50. Rejected names for the dwarfs included: Jaunty, Blabby, Dirty, Gaspy and Hotsy.
  51. Six of the dwarfs have eyebrows modelled after Walt Disney himself.
  52. Mel Blanc was meant to be the voice of Dopey but he was made a mute instead.
  53. Lucille La Verne who voiced the Queen was able to achieve the rasp of the Old Hags voice by taking out her false teeth.
  54. Lucille La Verne apparently nailed her audition in one go.
  55. When Snow White is awoken by the Princes kiss, she kisses every Dwarf goodbye, except Sleepy
  56. The Prince was meant to have a bigger part in the movie but the tea, had troubles animated him and so his part was significantly cut.
  57. The Prince appears for little over two minutes throughout the whole film.
  58. Adriana Caselotti was 19 years old when she voiced Snow White.
  59. Adriana was on a very strict contract in order to voice Snow White where she was not allowed to perform in film or on stage ever again.
  60. Adriana Caselotti was payed $970 for voicing Snow White.
  61. Sterling Holloway was considered for the voice of Sleepy.
  62. The part later went to Pinto Colvig who is famous for Goofy’s guffaws.
  63. This was to keep Snow Whites voice special.
  64. Frank Churchill and Larry Morey composed 25 songs for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  65. One of these was called ‘Music In Your Soup’ which you can watch here. [insert link]
  66. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first movie to release a coinciding soundtrack.
  67. The rights to the music from the movie belonged to Bourne Co. Music Company.
  68. A short film sequel titled Snow White Returns was planned but never left production.
  69. Seats in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall had to have their upholstery replaced as children wet themselves due to certain scenes in the movie.
  70. Snow White was the highest grossing film ever for exactly one whole year.
  71. The profits from Snow White allowed Walt to build Disney Studios in Burbank California.
  72. During production, live animals were kept in the studio lot as references for the animators.
  73. The Spirit of the Magic Mirror’s voice was created by the voice actor having a box over his head made of old drum heads.
  74. Snow White won Walt Disney a very special Oscar; one full size and seven miniature Oscars.
  75. The word ‘Dwarfs’ is not a spelling mistake; it was the original plural of Dwarf before The Lord of the Rings gained popularity.
  76. Walt Disney convinced animators that the word Dopey was coined by Shakespeare in order to use the name for one of the Dwarfs.
  77. It took between 570 and 700 animators and water colour artists to create Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  78. All of the Dwarfs were modelled after real people.
  79. There is a hidden Mickey in Snow White; it is formed by three stones behind the Queen as she goes down to the basement to begin her spell.
  80. Roy Disney used an old leather wallet to create the sound of creaking floorboards.
  81. Billy Gilbert won the part of Sneezy by calling up Walt and doing his famous sneeze gag down the phone.
  82. The trees that grab Snow White were based on Garry Oak Trees that can be found on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
  83. There are only 11 human characters in Snow White.
  84. All of these but the Prince have been given names.
  85. Snow White was the first movie to have merchandise available at the time of the premier.
  86. Deanna Durbin auditioned for the role of Snow White but was told her voice was too mature.
  87. A scene was cut from the film where Dopey swallows a bar of soap and the Dwarfs ten try to get it back.
  88. With the exception of Dopey, none of the others refer to each other by name.
  89. Snow White is considered to be one of fifteen movies that changed American cinema.
  90. Snow White has her own ride in many of the Disney parks across the world.
  91. Snow White is one of five Disney princesses to be of Royal Blood
  92. Snow White is the first of only two Princesses to be ‘dead’ and revived by their Prince.
  93. Snow White was the first Princess to be an orphan
  94. In newer promotional photos, Snow White appears older than she has done in the past.
  95. In March 2016, a live action version entitled Rose Red was announced which would be a telling of the story through the eyes of Snow’s sister, Red Rose.
  96. Snow White is a common character seen in Parades and Shows across the worlds Disney parks.
  97. The films production took nearly five years.
  98. Walt Disney Pictures has re-released Snow White into cinemas at least nine times; the last being in 1993.
  99. Snow White was chosen as the first feature length film as Walt Disney knew the Dwarfs would make good animated characters.
  100. The Dwarves sing about mining for rubies as well as mining for diamonds.

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5 thoughts on “100 Facts About Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  1. This is so cool, I love learning about the process behind the films. I love the one about Snow’s dancing being used again for Maid Marian – I wondered if it was similar as each time I’ve watched that scene it reminded me of Snow White, and now I know why! Loved this post. Happy New Year to you too! – Tasha


  2. I love finding out everything that goes into the films. I find that it makes me love them more because there’s a greater appreciation for that history and everyone who worked to make the magic happen – something that now sounds cliché but also true 😃


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