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An Old Hag Disneybound.

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Disneybounding is such a wonderful idea. As dressing up in Disney parks when you are an adult is against the rules, it is a wonderful way to show your love for your favourite characters.

I am a massive fan of the Disney villains and was lucky enough to meet some of my favourites during my Halloween trip last year. I am also a really big fan of alternative clothing and so, I’ve decided to combine the two with this blog post; Disneybounding the Old Hag from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


Firstly, lets have a look at the Old Hag!


Now, for how I’d style my Disneybound:

Lets start with the dress. This dress I found on the Killstar website and it’s called the Sorcery Hood Dress. I have been lusting after this dress for a while now and I felt it would be perfect for the Old Hag. Once the Evil Queen transforms, she is seen in nothing but a hooded cloak. The ‘ripped’ effect tights from Primark fit my style perfectly and I actually think I already own these. The boots are from New Look. I love lace up Military/Victorian/Witchy style boots and these are just perfect. The heel isn’t too big either for those who aren’t very good at walking in heels. The final, and arguably, the most important aspect to this Old Hag Disneybound, is the poison apple necklace. I actually own this necklace and bought it from Wily Fox Vintage. It’s a beautiful necklace and is perfect for this Disneybound!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below



8 thoughts on “An Old Hag Disneybound.

  1. I really love this idea! Something I’ve never seen before 😊 Can’t wait to see if you bring this bound to life. I would be perfect for Halloween at a disney park 💖


  2. Ah this is an awesome idea! I think that the costumes for the villains is far more interesting than the main characters haha. Love what you did with the evil witch though – that necklace is so cool!


    1. Thank you! I actually own this necklace, bought it for my Halloween trip to Disneyland Paris. It’s so lovely in real life!

      I agree! One day I’d love to have disneybound as all the villains! 🖤✨


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