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The Original Tale of Pinocchio


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We all know that Disney has a habit of taking dark and disturbing fairytales and turning them into sweet, children friendly stories. Well, Pinocchio was no different. As I found out whilst writing my 100 facts post, Pinocchio was based on a serial which appeared in newspapers in 1881 and 1882. It was called, The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Today, I thought I’d delve into the darker history of this story and find out some of the differences between the novel and the Disney classic.


The first noticeable difference is the story of Jiminy Cricket. In the newspaper serial, Jiminy does not play such a significant role. He first appears on the fourth chapter, where he corrects Pinocchios less than admirable behaviour. Jiminy, after telling Pinocchio to go back home to his father, is squashed by a hammer, thrown at him by the little wooden boy. Imagine if Disney had kept this rather violent death in the movie? We quite possibly wouldn’t have the song that has become Disney’s unofficial theme song.

Following on from the rather violent death of Jiminy Cricket, karma slowly catches up with our wooden puppet as his feet are slowly burned off by the household stove. Gepetto eventually builds Pinocchio new feet, however this is after he has been accused of abusing Pinocchio and spent some time in jail.

Later on in the story, Jiminy comes back as a ghost and warns Pinocchio about those who will seek to trick him and lay false promises on him. Pinocchio once again ignores advice from the cricket and ends up being hanged from a tree by the very people the cricket warned him against.

Imagine if Disney had kept some of these original parts of the story in their adaption? It would have been a very different Disney classic. Did you know any of these original story plot points?

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