100 Facts About Fantasia

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Fantasia is one of the most underrated Disney films ever made in my personal opinion. I can see why it may not appeal to the younger audiences, but it is a beautiful piece of art that should be appreciated!


  1. Fantasia was Walt Disney’s third animated feature film.
  2. It was released on November 13 1940.
  3. The original 1940 version of Fantasia was 124 minutes long.
  4. This makes it the longest Disney animated feature.
  5. Fantasia is the only Disney film to have an intermission.
  6. Fantasia is the second Disney film to be preserved in the National Film Registry.
  7. It was preserved in 1990.
  8. The Blu Ray release of Fantasia has no credits of any kind and only shows the title during the intermission,
  9. The 50th anniversary and VHS release have the Walt Disney Pictures logo, the Fantasia title at the beginning and full closing credits.
  10. In 1995, Fantasia was included in a list of forty five ‘Great Films’ under ‘Art’, compiled by the Vatican to celebrate the 100th anniversary of cinema.
  11. Ave Maria is the only part with lyrics.
  12. The film has gained a huge cult following since its release.
  13. As of 2012, Fantasia has grossed $76.4 million in domestic revenue
  14. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was seen as a comeback role for Mickey Mouse.
  15. Fantasia rebooted Mickey with the look we all recognise today.
  16. Dopey from Snow White was also considered for the role of the apprentice.
  17. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was going to be a one off cartoon but became more expensive to produce than a regular Disney cartoon.
  18. The conductor of the music used in Fantasia was Leopold Stokowski.
  19. During the production of Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Stokowski offered to conduct the orchestra for free.
  20. During the live action sequences, the orchestra were miming playing the soundtrack.
  21. The orchestra was made up of local musicians and employees of the film studio.
  22. The films host was Deems Taylor.
  23. Fantasia was the first commercial film to have its soundtrack recorded in stereo.
  24. Disney sound engineers created Fantasound for the film.
  25. His meant the orchestra was recorded on a nine-track polyphonic master which was then mixed down to three tracks.
  26. Theatres had to be equipped with 90 speakers placed around the auditorium in order to play the soundtrack.
  27. Fantasia was booked as a touring roadshow in order for Disney technicians to install more speakers into auditoriums before the films debut.
  28. It was also planned that parts would be shown in widescreen and other parts would be in 3D.
  29. There was also an idea to spray perfumes during the Nutcracker Suite sequence.
  30. Fantasia premiered four hours before premiering in New York City.
  31. The final scene to be produced was flown to New York on the day of the premier and edited into the film in time for its first showing.
  32. Fantasia was only shown in twelve movie theatres on its first release.
  33. This was down to Disney’s distribution company RKO initially deciding not to distribute it.
  34. Fantasia was turned into a video game in 1991.
  35. It was released on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console.
  36. The game allowed the player to control Mickey Mouse as he made his way through scenes of the movie.
  37. The graphics and sound were good however the game was poor overall.
  38. It was frustrating to play as it had unfair difficulty levels and unresponsive controls.
  39. The sorcerer in The Sorcerers Apprentice was nicknamed Yen Sid by the animation deprtament.
  40. Yen Sid is Disney backwards.
  41. His was never officially given to him in the film.
  42. The sorcerer himself was inspired by Walt Disney.
  43. The eyebrow raise was the most recognizable similarity between the two.
  44. Silent film actor Nigel De Brulier was used as the live model for the wizard.
  45. For the ‘Rite of Spring’ passage of the movie, iguanas and baby alligators were brought on set for animators inspiration.
  46. Woolie Reitherman animated the ferocious battle between the T-Rex and the Stegosaurus.
  47. Bela Lugosi posed for the character of Chernabog in Night on Bald Mountain.
  48. However, the animators didn’t think his movements worked well enough.
  49. Chernabog was then modelled after Wilfred Jackson, the sequence director instead.
  50. Fantasia earned two Academy Award Honors
  51. One was presented to Walt for the ‘outstanding contribution to the advancement for the use of sound in motion pictures through the production of Fantasia’
  52. The second was presented to Stokowsi ‘and his associated for their unique achievement in the creation of a new form of visualized music in Walt Disney’s production of Fantasia, thereby widening the scope of the motion picture as an art form.’
  53. A recording of the Fantasia soundtrack was not released until 1957.
  54. Fantasia was a Psychedelic hit in the 1960s.
  55. Fantasia was available as 16mm rentals to schools in the 1960s.
  56. Walt wanted to make a version of Fantasia every year.
  57. Fantasia premiered in the same theatre as Steamboat Willie.
  58. There were originally nine sequences for Fantasia.
  59. One featured birds flying over a moonlit sky and was set to Debussy’s Clair de Lune but it was cut for length.
  60. The Centaurettes sequence caused quite a bit of controversy.
  61. Firstly, The Hollywood Production Code office was worried about the toplessness and so, the Disney Animators were careful to hide breasts with flowers.
  62. The second controversy was that of a centaurette with exaggerated black features shown polishing the hooves of a white centaurette.
  63. This was deemed a racial stereotype and these two centaurettes were cut from any future releases of the movie up until 1990.
  64. Every release after this includes the scene except you can only see the face of the white female centaurs.
  65. On its initial run, Fantasia only made $1.3 million.
  66. For the dancing mushrooms sequence, the animators took inspiration from sketches of the Three Stooges.
  67. WWII kept Fantasia from being played overseas at the time of release.
  68. In 1941, Fantasia was not eligible for a Best Motion Picture nomination at the Academy Awards as it had not been released in Los Angeles in good enough time.
  69. Igor Stravinky was the only living composer whose work was used in fantasia.
  70. He visited the studios at least once during production,
  71. On the film being released, Stravinsky was disgusted at the ‘Rite of Spring’ passage calling the orchestra’s performance ‘execrable’ and the animation ‘unresisting imbecility’.
  72. The 1940 original inspired the live-action Sorcerer’s Apprentice movie starring Nicolas Cage in 2010.
  73. Fantasia was designed to be an attack of the senses.
  74. Night on Bald Mountain still received complaints from parents as it scares their children.
  75. Painter Salvador Dali created some illustrations for the movie that were later rejected.
  76. Fantasia was voted as the 5th best animated movie of all time by the American Film Institute.
  77. Premiere Magazine included it in the top 20 most overrated movies of all time.
  78. Ballerinas were used as live-action references for the film.
  79. These Ballerinas were from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.
  80. In ‘Dance of the Hours’ the Hippos name is Hyacinth.
  81. The scene that features Hyacinth Hippo emerging from the fountain was actually a reference to a famous scene from George Balanchine’s Goldwyn Follies.
  82. The ostrich is called Mlle Upanova.
  83. Mickey Mouse was redesigned by artist Fred Moore for the film.
  84. Disney took two years to restore the film for its 50th
  85. On October 5 1990, Fantasia returned to 550 theatres across the US.
  86. The films animators were given free reign with colour.
  87. This was a first for the company.
  88. The Sorcerers Apprentice was the only piece that was not recorded by The Philadelphia Orchestra
  89. Fantasia was originally going to be called ‘the Concert Feature’.
  90. Walt has intended to release the film each year with a new segment added in each time.
  91. During the Ave Maria sequence, several panes of glass were painted in order to achieve the effect of moving through the scene.
  92. It was 200 feet long and had to be redone three times.
  93. The first time the incorrect lense was used on the camera, allowing workers to be caught on film.
  94. The second time an earthquake hit the studio.
  95. The third time was the charm as the bits that were filmed were then sent to New York and edited into the feature film.
  96. The primeval Earth scene was filmed using a mixture of porridge, mud and other ingredients and was enhanced by animation.
  97. Other than the shots of the orchestra, it is the only live-action sequence in the whole movie.
  98. This is Steven Spielberg’s favourite animated movie of all time.
  99. The Night on Bald Mountain sequence was cut from the film when original released on video due to complaints it was too scary.
  100. The little mushroom in the Nutcracker Suit sequence is called Hop Low.

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7 thoughts on “100 Facts About Fantasia

  1. Wow so many facts! This was really interesting. I am completely mind blown that yen sid is disney backwards, how did I not notice this before?!! Also had no idea it was a video game either, I can image that would be an awesome game!



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