Fantasia Disney Merchandise

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I always love finding new Disney merchandise but one film I noticed I didn’t have any merchandise for was Fantasia. So, I got looking and sadly, it’s few and far between; especially in the UK. I did however search each Disney store website across the world and found a few bits and bobs for any Fantasia fan!


Disney Store US

Sorcerer Mickey Ear Hat, Sorcerer Mickey Plush, Jim Salvati Painting

Sorcerer Mickey Tsum Tsum, Sorcerer Mickey Key Ornament, Sorcerer Mickey Antenna Topper

Disney Store UK

Sorcerer Mickey Tumbler, Sorcerers Apprentice Hat, Mickey Mouse Figure

Unfortunately at the moment, there seems to be more of a Fantasia collection in the US than anywhere else. Hopefully soon we can see more Fantasia merchandise heading our way.

a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious fathoms below


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