Dumbo Inspired Hair Bows

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As I’ve mentioned before, I adore Etsy. The website allows you to find individual items to fit your style whilst supporting small businesses. Recently, I have found myself looking at hair bows, finding that I wish to add them to fashion style. So, as it is Dumbo week, I thought I would see how many wonderful Dumbo inspired designs I could find. I was not disappointed. The wonderful sellers of Etsy have a wonderful selection to choose from. Below, I shall share with you my favourites.


Where Seams Come True


I love the look of this bow, especially the little feather. I believe Where Seams Come True create hair bows that are attached to elastic hair bands. I call them bobbles but wasn’t sure if anyone else calls them that. There are many beautiful designs on their etsy store so no matter what your favourite Disney movie, there is a bow for you.

Closet Geek Site


Closet Geek Site sells all matter of Disney clothing and accessories. Here is another Dumbo inspired bow that includes the lucky feather. Closet Geek site offers hair bows with crocodile clips and barrette clips; whichever you prefer.

Clarkes Geek Bowtique


This adorable Dumbo bow is different from the first two. This one does not include the lucky feather but does include dumbos little yellow hat. It also features diamante’s which is different to the first two bows I have featured. These bows are mounted to alligator clips.

Mickey Waffles Bows


This beautiful Dumbo bow  is available in French Barrette and Double Prong clip from Mickey Waffles Bows on Etsy. They also offer a no Slip and Grip option for the clip. This design is another inspired by Dumbo and his magic feather. Another adorable little design.

Suzy’s Bows


This bow is incredibly different to the others featured in this post. This bow is from Suzy’s Bows and uses the same colour schemes as the above bows, however this one actually features Dumbo himself in a bottle cap in the middle. This beautiful bow is on an alligator clip so could be worn as more of a fascinator on the side of your head. Would match perfectly with a fifties style outfit.

What was your favourite bow featured in todays post? Do you have any Dumbo themed bows of your own? Can you suggest any Etsy shops that sell bows? Leave them in the comments and share with others!

a memaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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