Meeting Disney Friends in London

Aloha my wonderful merfolk.

This blog post is incredibly and severely delayed. With Blogmas happening and then becoming rather ill, I haven’t had much of a chance to write this. Back at the end of November 2016, I travelled down to London to meet up with some of my favourite people. These girls I met through the Disney community and they have been nothing but a huge support in my life. This was the first time I’d met a few of them. Two I had met in Disneyland Paris in October. It was a lovely day and I can’t wait to spend more time with these girls this year!


It was November 26th 2016 and 5am in the morning. I was awake and getting myself ready for my coach down to London. I left the house just after 6am to see what time my bus to Leeds bus station would be. Turns out that early on Saturday morning, they’re about once every fourty minutes or so. So, I booked myself a taxi and stood in the freezing cold mist waiting. It didn’t take long for him to arrive and he took me the quickest way to the bus station. When I arrived, I went to the pumpkin cafe to get myself a spot of breakfast and a hot drink to warm myself up. I was very disappointed in the lack of vegetarian options from their breakfast menu, so I just had a raspberry flapjack and a hot chocolate.

At 7am, I left Leeds on my National Express coach with an arrival time of 11:30 into Victoria Coach Station. I spent the journey reading, checking my messages and sleeping up against the coach window. At 11:30, I arrived into London Victoria Coach Station. I made my way to Victoria Train station to meet my friend Sophie, who was running a bit late due to how busy the tubes were and some of them being closed off at times to try and aid congestion. I went into one of the little cafes and ordered myself a mozzarella and pesto panini whilst I waited. Sophie found me in the cafe and we got the tube from Victoria to South Kensington. We then walked to Knightsbridge in order to meet everyone else in Harrods Disney Store.


(L-R: Me, Mallory, Lizi, Hannah, Sophie, Steph & Shawnee)

The Harrods Disney Store is absolutely beautiful. Sadly, my phone was dying so I have zero photographs of it (that’s a job for my next trip to London). The ceiling is painted with loads of Disney characters. There are statues of Disney characters, like Belle in the photograph above. It is a beautiful store. I ended up buying the Pua that you see in the photo above, even though I hadn’t seen Moana by this point. She was just too cute to leave behind.

After wandering around the Disney store for a bit, we ventured to the other parts of Harrods.


The lego section of Harrods had this wonderful set up; the perfect place for another group shot.


I could wander around Harrods all day. We spent a good five minutes alone in the Harry Potter section of the shop, looking over the same things and discussing the series.


Whilst the other girls had a wander and a search through the books section, Shawnee, Lizi and myself found a nice window seat with super good lighting. I think this is one of my favourite photos taken with friends ever.

From Harrods, we went for some food, finding the nearest Pizza Hut and waiting in the queue to find a table big enough to accommodate seven people.  Once seated, I chose the corner where I couldn’t get out unless everyone moved because I like to be awkward, we ordered our food, got our free bowls of salad and our refillable drinks. I was simple and had Margarita with mushrooms on. We spent ages in Pizza Hut, eating our food and chatting away. It was probably about 4pm by the time we left and made our way down to Oxford Street to visit yet another Disney store.


You can’t visit the Oxford Street Disney Store and not get a photograph in Cinderella’s carriage. Is that even a thing? Not getting your photo taken there? We had a look around this Disney Store, purchasing a few goodies before meeting up outside.

After this, it was time for some of us to go our separate ways. I needed to get back to Victoria Coach station for 6:30pm and it was already 6pm by this point. I said my goodbyes and extremely quickly, walked and dodged the people of London with Lizi by my side, to get to Oxford St tube station. We said our quick goodbyes and went to our separate platforms. Once at Victoria, I raced to the coach station, and got onto my coach with five minutes to spare.

The journey home was interesting to say the least. We were delayed getting out of London by half an hour due to a road being closed after a car went up in flames. The coach depot directed our driver to a bridge suitable for vehicles of 6 tonne and under only. A coach is probably about 15 tonnes? We had to go over it anyway as we couldn’t turn around and my anxiety sky rocketed. The driver did however, make up some time to get us to Nottingham for her driver switch over. We made it back to Leeds just before midnight; a four and a half hour journey taking closer to six. I was shattered by the time I got home and got into bed.

I had such an amazing day meeting and hanging out with girls I have become very close to over the last six months. We all have a lot in common and get on so well with one another.

I can’t wait for our next meet up and my next trip to London!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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